Vanguardia Launched Cuban Art

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With the normalization of Cuban-American relations -- not to mention this year's Havana Biennale -- Cuban art plays an important role in any serious collection. Collectors visiting Havana for the first time will notice an enormous and diverse art scene of museums, private collections, galleries, and street art.

The foundation of contemporary Cuban art resides in the Vanguardia Movement (1927-1950) which embraced modern trends and ignited a new sense of Cuban artistic identity.

Our featured Kabinett Quiz will expose you to some important facts about the Vanguardia Movement -- a reference point for any discussion of the richness and diversity of contemporary Cuban artwork. (Photo, Carlos Enríquez Zulueta. 1957. El rapto de las mulatas, 1938. Oil on canvas,162,5 x 114,5 cm)