There are not a great deal of options for uniforms and logos

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There are not a great deal of options for uniforms and logos

This is said in passing by Gopherattack on reddit, in addition to a neat new wrinkle into the kicking game:"Have something besides wind affect kicks. For instance, if you are kicking in a blizzard that you ought to get a slower approach to the kick, [while] kicking in altitude should include yardage to your kicks." Dynamic attendance works The Display, with matches towards the end of the year -- when the two teams are outside contention performed to rows of empty seats.Each of the very best collector modes allow you to personalize your team's logos and pajamas (NBA 2K's MyTeam and MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty). Each legend ought to be available in Connected Franchise and exhibit.

The Pro Bowl is the worst of the significant all-star games, but it will be cool in Madden. We ought to have the ability to play the game within our Connected Franchise. It is just like a reward for you whenever you have players who have made the Pro-Bowl squad.Believe it or not, Madden used to allow you to create a group. Back when the match had owner mode, you could rebrand each team in the league. That feature is among the many that will help to make NBA 2K's MyGM and MyLeague better than Connected Franchise.

Madden has showcased growth and relocation for a couple of years, but it's very limiting. There are only a handful of cities to go to, and there are not a great deal of options for uniforms and logos. Again, EA should take the shackles off its own CF fans.Nothing immerses you into a franchise style like historic stat tracking. When you go into your third and second period of a franchise, then you have written your own personal history. It would be fine if the match kept as teams and players strategy milestones, the announcers along with the data referred to it there.

I've been requesting this for as long as I can remember. I acknowledge it is likely a job to pull off, but if it has real highlights, a well-done weekly wrap-up series would add a ton to Connected Franchise.EA took some step in the ideal direction with this last year, however we don't possess a well-synced halftime show. Meaning, the comment does not always match the highlight, and it is just disjointed.That should improve, and of course, we would really like to have highlights from other games.

The draft in football is arguably a deal that is bigger than in almost any other sport. Owing to that, Madden's draft needs to be more complicated than it has been. Adding some kind of Combine visuals and highlights will increase the immersion. It might help to make the draft more of an event during your Connected Franchise.We've been making do with the same assortment of created player faces for many years. There may have been a few added last year. We want more variations when creating players--when we are not permitted to face.

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