Along with the live team, an internet support center for key RuneScape

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Along with the live team, an internet support center for key RuneScape

With our community, we've engaged for a number of years now, that means we listen to ideas and react to important player feedback, and giving insights to the service we supply. We released an infographic, telling the story of player support in 2018, and you would be surprised at the degree of attention from players to hear things behind the scenes. Player support is involved in several regions -- from tech support, accounts help, charging and payment assistance, to anti-cheating, business leading community security, and even system tracking -- to be able to ensure any potential problems are identified and resolved before they become a problem for players along with the live game remains live.

Along with the live team, an internet support center for key RuneScape and Old School RuneScape queries has been built up over a period of a few ten years. In 2018, of those six million player enquiries, just more than five million players found their answer with the self-help centre.The potency of any participant service is key to a player's perception and investment in a game and Jagex understands that response time is a key driver for player satisfaction and retention.Players hope and deserve their own questions to be answered quickly and effectively. If a question is not reacted to successfully in under 24 hours, we know that players are able to lose interest, or else they don't check back for a response, resulting in a decrease in their investment in, and connection to, Runescape. We see a 60 percent fall off in retention.

We are also conscious that the amount of support any participant receives, whether positive or negative, can go cause and viral ripples. Think about the reach of one player who appears using a clan of 500 listening to them, to be a clan leader, or even a streamer with audience of millions. This isn't about equipping those gamers but using a mindset of handling each and every participant with same degree of effective and efficient service.Even with investment in its own player support resource, Jagex has sought to become creative in how it provides support to manage its growing playerbase.
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