TP-Link M7350 Wifi Router

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TP-Link M7350 Wifi Router
Sold for less than 90 euros, the M7350 is the first mobile router of the TP-LINK brand. This wireless network equipment allows you to stay connected to the internet anywhere using a SIM card. In the form of a small compact black box, this router is equipped with a high-capacity SD card slot (up to 32GB). Its 1.4-inch OLED display is very intuitive and easy to use. This allows access to all the features of the equipment as a dashboard. The display screen makes it possible to control the network signal, to monitor the battery charge level, to manage the various connected terminals, etc. Also, an integrated USB port makes it easy to transfer your data to other devices. You can also use it as a power port (for the router or other mobiles). The M7350 mini router is ideal for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for connection sharing. It provides a powerful Wi-Fi connection thanks to a double bandwidth (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) . The device can support a maximum speed of 150 Mbps, enough to share the 4G connection to nearly 10 devices continuously. Such a performance is made possible thanks to its battery of 2550 mAh which ensures a great autonomy in mobility. Comes with a start-up guide and a lot of accessories, the installation of the M7350 can be done in minutes. Here are the top 7 enterprise wireless routers.
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