2 Top Direct Sales Companies Again In 2011


Avon was founded in 1886 by David McConnell in New York. As a representative, you are the sales assistant and your job is to get as many customers as possible to buy from your shop. 1997 Avon reaches $5 billion in annual sales, and now has close to 3 million representatives in hundreds of countries. To make money from Avon, you need to sign up as Avon representative for at least $25. We share a connection that I honestly did not realize I would have with my customers when I first started selling Avon. They are the number one direct sales company in the world doing business in over 100 countries with annual revenues of over $10 billion dollars. They are hoping you will be excited about the products they are offering and that the catalog or flyer will entice you to buy something. To become an independent sales representative people will have to pay a fee of $10. Marketed as 'the' company for women it seems to be marketed mostly by women; generally from brochures of womens (and some mens) cosmetics. 63. eBay - selling both new and used products through the highly popular online auction site eBay can earn you $100 or more depending on how much time you invest into learning the ins and outs. Many orders will be quite small, but some people could be just trying out the products. In any area there will be people who welcome your Avon brochures with enthusiasm; those who will look through and perhaps buy occasionally; those who will return the brochure unopened; and those who seem to take it as a personal insult that you put one in their post box. You get your box of campaign brochures and drive around 1-2 days per week to distribute these to the ladies who have shown interest or purchased from you before. A magalog communicates brand like a magazine and sells products like a catalog. The advantage of this marketing system to a small business or home business person is there is no need to have a storefront and the expense that goes with it. There is also no product to produce; the parent company has already taken care of that. It is an invaluable resource, teaching everything from how to manage the website, storing customer information, increasing sales, handling returns, to differentiating between different scents in perfume and color families for giving make-up advice to customers. Unfortunately, I have to settle for another brand because Avon has no products on the shelves on shops in my country. So, you've been given your "territory" (the houses that Avon's Area Sales Manager says are exclusively yours to canvas), a supply of Avon brochures, and you're ready to venture out and earn some money as an Avon representative. They will train you to market your business by introducing your products and business opportunity to your warm market of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors etc. Every new representative should start here first as courses include everything from money management, to launching your business, to entering orders. So, it would seem that the amount of income for an Avon representative would depend on many potential customers they can get their products in front of and 2. How many of those customers get back to them with an order. As people get www.Deviantart.Com used to you leaving a brochure some will become more interested and look through it. Each campaign you will pick up a few more customers, widening your customer base. Becoming a independent representative allows them to get a kit with some Avon basics and gives them 10 free brochures for their first campaigns. It is like someone else will make the products and you will just order them and sell forward. Direct sales companies generally offer a well planned and effective support system including training manuals that give information about the products and the superlative way to sell them. For starting a direct sales business from home, make sure that you have the relevant product brochures, demonstration kits and samples to give out to potential customers. Once you have uploaded and saved your order, don't post it through to Avon until the final campaign date, as you will incur the dreaded additional cost for every time you add something - it will be seen as a separate order.


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