Upload Content Via Cell

Today, our collector network becomes even more fun and interactive as we launch our new OneNews interface. Use your cell phone to take a photo or video of an art happening, and provide some accompanying text and voice content. This information is instantly transmitted and posted to our OneNews page of ArtKabinett. Now all our savvy members become instant art reporters, keeping our community up to date on important art news around the world 24/7. Our search engine optimizer propels this info to the world wide web for everyone to view. A great way to promote a discovered artist, new gallery, fair, or museum. To become a OneNews art reporter, simply access our homepage via the link at the top of this newsletter. The OneNews icon --pictured here -- is found in the top right hand corner of our website. Please register with your ArtKabinett user name, and other requested information. At the same time, upload the OneNews app on your cellphone, entering the exact same information. This creates an automatic phone-to-website interface which allows you to instantly transmit mobile photos, videos, text, and voice content. Your cellphone number is then automatically rung, confirming your recent upload to our OneNews page on ArtKabinett. As always, feel free to use our extensive Forum section to provide comprehensive front page articles of other important art events Uploading and contributing your collected artworks and activities keep our network fun. So start today ! Also, be sure to visit our daily AK Files. Today's content offers a fascinating collaboration between Picasso and Ballet Russes, soon to be shown at Tate Britain. Interactively Yours, TEAMKABINETT