Paper Works Endure

For those of you who think that works on paper cannot be as valuable as oil paintings, think again!

Today's homepage AK File explores a new exhibition at the Louvre devoted solely to this medium.

Paper is certainly more than college dorm art posters and shopping mall lithographs.

Starting with a beautiful watercolor by Dufy as shown here, the Paris show unfolds to include marvelous Matisse cut outs, a Rubens collage, and Jean Arp's "tortured" pieces with mutilations and rips.

The various artistic manipulations and applications of paper are addressed in magnificent detail.

As a sculptural medium, paper has been used for many years. Maquettes are a collectible genre unto themselves.

One prominent gallerist exhibiting at the recent Art Basel fair stocked an entire booth with construction paper assemblages by Frank Gehry. These items ranged in the mid to high 5 figures.

Calder and Tinguely used paper components in their mobiles, appreciating a fragile juxtaposition next to hard wires and painted metal. Those works go for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Indeed, the modern information age causes many of us to foresee a paper-less world, as we rely more and more upon digital technology. This may be true for your iPhone enjoyment of today's online newsletter and content.

However, as the Louvre exhibition demonstrates, paper -- as an artistic medium -- is an historic necessity and a future certainty.

It will be interesting to watch as emerging electronic creations, urban motifs, and other mixed media genres incorporate this material. One modern master, Anselm Kiefer, has already identified several ways in new and extremely expensive installations.

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