Living With Art

This past week, our homepage AK Files offered exciting perspectives on two very important new structures, both designed by Renzo Piano.

We visited the addition to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and -- just today -- the Shard Tower in central London. Both buildings are minimalist compositions of glass and angle, which complement yet do not overtake their historic environments.

Piano also designed the beautiful home of the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, shown here, where our collectors were invited to view the amazing private collection of the 20th century's foremost art dealer. ThereIn, a design of rich wood, glass, and marble folds seamlessly into the farming Swiss landscape, sheltering the modernist masters

Our savvy collector community believes that the exhibition environment is just as important as the artworks to be shown.

However, which comes first, the artwork or the space?

Typically, a house or apartment is bought, and then the collector strives to place paintings on prominent walls, and sculptures away from gesticulating limbs of young family members, and inebriated dinner guests.

We shudder at the thought of an accidental elbow ripping a prized behind-the-desk canvas, as happened to our fellow Las Vegas collector, Mr. Steve Wynn.

Our community is now witnessing a cool trend called "Living with Art".

Unused commercial spaces are inexpensively purchased. The factory, temple, or theatre is then transformed into combination exhibition and deluxe residential space -- the two flowing seamlessly for enjoyment of family and visitors. This is far different from obtaining a public "art warehouse" where no one lives.

AK Files will be featuring these specialized collector residences over the next several months. If you know of anyone in particular please contact us. To live comfortably with art in the right space is often more important than the right address.

Residentially yours,