Freer Times This 9/11

Ten years ago today on 9/11, our lives changed forever as dark forces extinguished many souls, in a futile attempt to shut down civilization. Over time, ironically, our world has become a much brighter place. Look around, and you will see much more communication, freedom, and interaction than could ever have been imagined a decade ago. The despotic rulers of North Africa are gone. Hundreds of millions of humans are now Facebook friends, regardless of national or cultural borders. Inexpensive portable devices now allow an average person to instantly transmit videos of important events as they happen. In the world of art, new techniques have allowed amazing advances in sculpture, painting, and emerging genres of mixed media and electronic creations. Art fairs and museums abound everywhere. The ARTKABINETT social network -- available on your desktop, iPAd, and smartphone -- was technically impossible just a few years ago. Now you can freely communicate with art enthusiasts around the corner or across the globe. No more waiting for the next gallery opening or planned venue to find out what your art friends are doing. In the next several weeks you will notice some amazing new features on our website which will offer even more collector interaction. Access this weekend's homepage content via the link above and you will view some important exhibitions and videos in honor of 9/11. Log on everyday, and you will experience a wonderful future of collector camaraderie. Although the dangers of terrorism are still around, its suppressive forces are long gone. Freely Yours, TEAMKABINETT