Bon jour de Paris ! Many of our collectors are visiting the "City of Lights" for the annual FIAC art fair which takes over many arrondissements. The centerpiece of the fair is the amazing Grand Palais which hosts hundreds of the world's finest galleries in the iconic art nouveau pavillon. Red dots are in huge abundance, so there is no apparent fear by savvy investors to park more of their assets into expensive artworks, as stocks and real estate continue to teeter. Our collector network has been busy visiting all the satellite fairs like Chic, Slick, Art Élysée, as well as, numerous private tours. Private gallery openings have introduced us to many new artists and collectors. Celebrities are seen everywhere, as one of our collectors enjoyed a special photo op and drink with global rap star, "Little Shawn" while attending an art auction on chic Avenue Montagne. On Friday morning, we enjoyed a personal VIP breakfast in the personal warehouse space of Mme Clara Rosenblum -- one of France's most important collectors -- and her enormous installations of conceptual artworks. Naturally, all this art viewing generates a huge appetite. In addition to an over-the-top black tie affair at Théâtre du marveilleux, we seem to have consumed our body weight in delicious fois gras, huîtres, and pâtisserie. You can view many of our fun happenings by simply logging onto our homepage PhotoBlog via the link above. FIAC officially closes today so we are purposely keeping this newsletter short. Too many artworks still to see; macaroons to eat; and champagne bottles to drink ! À bientôt, TEAMKABINETT