Christmas Goose

One week before Christmas, and our thousands of collectors are busy running around with last-minute errands. After all the exhausting excitement from the recent end-of-year art fairs, who has energy to prepare a holiday goose? Our community loves to share member photos of this season's events and parties. The unique "OneNews" platform makes this easy to do. Everyday, when you log onto our homepage via the link above, you will see the prominent "OneNews" icon in the upper right hand corner. In this section, community photo and text uploads are instantly displayed. This is a wonderful and strategic way of posting all your important art happenings -- parties, openings, exhibits, auctions, sales, fairs. To generate your own upload, simply register on our website, then download the "OneNews" app onto your cell phone. The app is totally free from iTunes. Begin immediate uploads of your art-related photos and videos. Way more fun and focused than FaceBook, and a great mechanism to capture the attention of our collector community. Our just launched, KABINETT EXCHANGE is in full force, with multiple collector transactions concluding on a daily basis. If you have an artwork to sell, simply upload it in your MyKabinett space, and mark it "for sale". This service is completely free, and notifies collectors everywhere about available artworks. Already, art buyers from around the world are logging in to view the hundreds of uploads in our inventory which is growing daily. I am sure you will agree that the new EXCHANGE feature of our art collector network is a fun way to find a sought-after piece. It is also an interesting way to conduct some holiday shopping. Season's Greetings, TEAMKABINETT