This past week, our members explored some amazing "art-chitecture" simply by accessing our daily AK Files which is uploaded daily on our homepage. Anish Kapoor's gravity-defying giant Orbit structure is now complete in London -- a space age version of the Eiffel Tower which will change forever the city skyline. I. M. Pei's version of the Guggenheim -- planned for a man-made island on Abu Dhabi -- is apparently stuck in the sand due to labor disputes. The Louvre just opened its huge exhibition of the Forbidden City, which charts the simultaneous ascendency of French and Chinese imperial art, as carefully explored in the treasures of the two museum palaces. As you can see, AK Files is your continuing source of art collector news. Important happenings from around the world are uploaded each morning for your enjoyment. Unlike weekly or monthly art periodicals, ArtKabinett is the only website where content changes daily. Featured Videos accompany our daily articles to provide additional collector insight into the day's fine art topic. In addition, thousands of collectors enjoy logging on each and every day to view other collectors' uploads and activities. Our fresh content stream is an important reference of art information which keeps you constantly up to date of happenings nearby or across the globe. The recent launch of our minute-by-minute OneNews feature is off to an amazing start, with members using cellphone interface for immediate website posting of art photos, videos, and voice content as they occur. If you have not yet tried this fun feature, log onto our homepage now via the link above, and begin instantaneous transmission of your art news. As many of us get ready for Art Basel Miami, which starts at the end of this month, please be sure to access our site everyday for updates, articles, features, and free giveaways. Savvy collectors and enthusiasts know that ArtKabinett is the quickest and easiest way to interact with the world's collectors and their activities. Regards, TEAMKABINETT