Armory Show Fun

This has not been a relaxing weekend for all our members who descended on NYC to visit the annual Armory Show.

Hundreds of galleries participated in one of the word's art biggest collecting events.

Last week, this newsletter described the show's seminal exhibition in 1913 when the term "modernism" first appeared.

You can access our archives via the above link to read more.

In 2012, collectors have two pavilions from which to choose: Pier 92 which hosts the best of 20th century modernism; and Pier 94 which offers cutting edge contemporary.

Lovers of Kehinde Wiley's 9-ft portraits of stunning Africans --as shown here -- go to the right. If you are looking for that perfect tabletop Calder, please enter on the left.

Somewhere in the middle is Anselm Kiefer's huge work depicting a foundering ship. It is composed of human hair, scorched metal, and mounds of oil impostio. At $1.8 million it is a better investment than shares in Costa Cruise Lines.

Our savvy collectors are touring many private collections. A visit to a grand docent's apartment on Central Park West might have offered college credits for all the modern masterworks seen and discussed.

As with most dedicated collectors, no matter how large the home, there is never enough wall space.

Crammed with too much art for one afternoon's viewing, and as is typical, there was an early motorized Jose De Rivera on the radiator; and three important Warhol's by the clothes dryer.

Minimalist interior design is never the forte of a Manhattan Collector. But no one knows better how to place a Tinguely by the toilet.

Strategically Yours,