After Basel

Our collectors are back home, settled in, and enjoying their recent art acquisitions at Art Basel Miami. Everyone agreed that this year's offerings were the best in recent memory, with the world's finest galleries offering cutting edge contemporary works alongside important modernism. Prices were high, but negotiable as many of our collectors were observed last Sunday afternoon haggling with check books in hand. Although our members are always invited to the VIP vernissage, the final hours of an exhibition always prove the most exciting, as many dealers -- eager to go home -- may allow discounts of up to 30%. After all, who wants to re-pack, ship, unpack, and store many fragile artworks that one wishes to sell? Obviously, the end-of-fair selection is not as rich, but if your desired collectible is still available, the cost savings are well worth it. One gallerist commented that he conducts half of all his transactions during the final two hours of the show. Monday morning after-sales were also high, as collectors spent Sunday evening regretting a possible missed opportunity. After an exhausting week of trekking through the cavernous fairs; visiting the private collections and galleries; and attending all the parties, most of us -- who were not on a plane ride home -- curled up in bed to watch TV. In fact, one Miami restaurateur noted that last Sunday evening was the busiest ever for home delivery pizza. As we anticipate the Christmas and New Years holidays, log on to view some exciting upcoming art fairs and events on our Kabinett Calendar page. This is your go-to source for all the important worldwide art happenings. You will see that today's Sunday relaxation is short-lived. Rest While You Can (because we have lots in store), TEAMKABINETT