Addams at 100

If you accessed Google's homepage yesterday, you saw a fun doodle depicting the Addams family. If cartoonist Charles Addams were alive, he would be 100.

His ghoulish -- yet charming -- drawings appeared in numerous editions of The New Yorker magazine, inspiring an American hit TV series, a movie and Broadway show,

The kooky family was headed up by patriarch, Gomez Addams, an inveterate collector who filled their mansion with everything from stuffed grizzly bears to famous artworks. Gruesome torture racks and electric chairs were included in their macabre interior design scheme, typically used as casual lounge furniture.

Last weekend saw the passing of famous American design matriarch, Eva Zeisel. You know the work, if you have ever visited a museum gift shop. Her biomorphic vases, salt shakers, and tableware revolutionized the modern home.

In 1935 at the age of 29, Zeisel was the first woman to head up Russia's China and Glass industry. Her bold approach incurred the wrath of both Stalin, and later the Nazi's. Eventually, she moved to New York where she introduced sophisticated minimalism decades before Ikea.

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