Russian artist Yuri Albert, a Moscow Conceptualist who divides his time between Cologne and Moscow, presents the English-language version of his project 'I want to make a picture so everyone says 'Wow!'' (1986).

Here Albert realises the dream of conceptualism and contemporary art to become great and 'Real' art. Visual depiction can now never return to verbal gesture-aphorism, fixed in oil paints on the canvas in black and white.

Anticipating and/or annulling the public response (the WOW! of the masses) and scanning the 'horizon of expectation', Albert creates 'metapainting' through his reflections in pictures and installations on exhibition rituals and the nature of pictorial representation.


Yuri Albert

1959 born in Moscow

1974–77 studies at K. Arnold Studio, Moscow

1980 graduated from Pedagogical Institute, Moscow

Lives and works in Moscow and Cologne.


Selected Personal Exhibitions:

2008 Painting, Sculpture and Graphics. Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia

Tales About Art. National Centre for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod Museum of Fine Arts, Russia

2007 Exhibition. Era Foundation, Moscow, Russia

2004 Painting. M&J Guelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1999 Selbstportrait mit geschlossenen Augen. Haus der Niederlande, Münster, Germany

1997 Le chef d’œvre inconnu. Hohenthal und Bergen Galerie, Munich, Germany

1996 Selfportrait With Closed Eyes. Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

1995 Mami, schau, ein Künstler!, Hohenthal und Bergen Galerie, Cologne, Germany

1990 Yuri Albert. Krings-Ernst Galerie, Cologne, Germany

Three Artists – Two Generations” (with V. Zakharov and E. Steinberg). Staatsgalerie Heerlen, Netherlands

1989 Moscow Days. Galerie Hlavního Města Prahy, Staroměstská radnice, Prague, Czech Republic

1988 Fragments of the Moscow Underground (with V. Zakharov). Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland


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