Michael West (1908-1991) made reference to "The New Art" in a 1942 poem of the same title. This "new art" was later to be more formally known as lyrical cubism and then Abstract Expressionism. This is a very early reference to America's new art. In 1936 at the Rochester Art Club she had her first one woman show. She gave a lecture during the exhibition and discussed Hofmann's Push and Pull theories, Picasso, Cubism, and other 'new art' tenets. The audience which was made up of mostly students, were completely enthralled. Her drawings completely sold out. Her story is a long and fascinating one. Arshile Gorky said, "Corinne, you are unlike any other American painter". West’s work is experimental and differs in each decade, revealing her honest gift to the Abstract Expressionism movement. She has made an exceptional contribution as one of the early proponents of Abstract Expressionism through her artwork, poetry, and friendships with the many other early members of the New York School. Her paintings reveal the great influences of Jackson Pollock, Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, and Richard Pousette-Dart. They also reveal West’s originality. For example, Jackson Pollock's "Energy Made Visible" concept was absorbed by West and given a new life. This is a crucial tenet in her work. Like a phoenix, her work comes to life.


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