My Bio: I grew up in a small city just south of Los Angeles. The town is called Gardena There were many non-traditional art forms that surrounded me. This had an impact on how I interpret my experiences and surroundings in my art. I was fortunate enough to learn the aesthetics of great street art as well as great traditional art. I aim to please both crowds with my art. In 1994, in the middle of completing my degree in commercial art at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, I was accepted into the most prestigious and most exclusive art schools in the world, Art Center College of Design. Once I began to attend Art Center, I realized that what I had conceptualized and created previously was the opposite of what was expected at Art Center. I learned to unlearn my previous application of painting and was encouraged by my professors to apply my unlearning to re-learn the ways that master painters applied in their works. By the time of graduation in 2008, I had a full knowledge of what I wanted to do with my art and how I was going to do it. My career after Art Center began by freelancing as a concept designer for Mattel. Shortly thereafter, I began my journey that includes five years of concept design in the video game industry. During this period of my career I began immersing myself in concept creation, design, as well as three-dimensional art. My dream as an artist has been to be recognized as a great painter. However, my concept and design work in video games never had given me the opportunity to gain recognition within the art world. Currently, I combine traditional methods along with urban themes. I mix the previous two elements mentioned with elements of urban street thinking to create urban environments in my paintings that serves to create an emotional connection with the viewers of my paintings, which are available at my gallery, the Joseph Watson Collection in the Arts Factory building located within the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas. My most recent accolades include being a chosen artist for St. Jude’s Affair of the Heart, being commissioned by the the City of Las Vegas for the Berkley Square banner project and having three paintings acquired by Las Vegas City Hall for it’s permanent collection. I currently own a gallery in Downtown Las Vegas called the Joseph Watson Collection. I have made my mark in the Vegas Art world. Whatever is next in my career will remaining to be seen. The Joseph Watson Collection is located within the Arts Factory at 107 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 115, Las Vegas NV. Artist Statement: I am a re-composer of my surroundings. Daily tasks and average people seem to be a strong inspiration for my subject matter. Also, the interaction between large groups of people is something that fuels my artistic thoughts. My paintings tend to explore color scheme that includes a full range of brown with accents of other colors. Color remains the primary signature in my work. The foreground figures and objects tend to have darker values, and the middle ground tends to get generated with medium to light tones. I prefer to work with acrylic on wood and canvas surfaces. One of my main goals that I try to achieve in my paintings is having the viewer get immersed into the piece and then finding themselves as part of the scene. Single figures are interesting, but when there are many figures overlapped into one image, the eye moves around the scene trying to unravel the story. You will find many stories within my art. No matter where you are from, or when you exist, my paintings are something can easily leave viewers finding a relation to themselves when viewing. JOSEPH WATSON ARTIST www.josephwatsoncollection.com


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