In kindergarten, Amber made her first ceramic piece. It was a blue ashtray with her palm-print in it. From the moment she saw that a malleable piece of dirt could be turned into a rock hard waterproof item, she was hooked on clay. Much later in her career (second grade) when she won the local poster contest, she knew she was destined to be an artist. Even later than that, Amber received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Southern California, and then continued her education with a Masters Degree in Art Education at San Francisco State University. At that time she also received her California teaching credential and went on to teach art in the public school system. Amber taught ceramics, jewelry and drawing for many years. When Amber and her husband moved to Hawaii she left teaching and was determined to allow her creativity to flourish. She began to work on her own art in earnest with an eye towards making it in the mainland world of galleries. Amber has exhibited her work in many states, won numerous awards and continues to pursue her career from her home-studio in paradise. Molten earth makes her happy, whether it is clay coming out of a kiln at 1850 degrees or lava pouring from the earth.


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