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Callahan, Kenneth
Kenneth Callahan was one of the leading artists of the Pacific Northwest school. In the 1960s, Callahan created a series of India ink drawings on water-splattered paper, which included some remarkable renderings of insects, which stand among his most memorable works.
Calle, Paul
Best known for his skill with pencil in detailed drawings of western art subjects, especially mountain men during the fur trade era, Paul Calle was born in New York City. In 1947, he attended Pratt Institute at age nineteen and was much taken with the figure work of Thomas Hart Benton.
Calle, Sophie
Sophie Calle (born 1953) is a French writer, photographer, installation artist, and conceptual artist.[1] Calle's work is distinguished by its use of arbitrary sets of constraints, and evokes the French literary movement of the 1960s known as Oulipo. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy.
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Calvet, Jean Marc

Jean Marc Calvet (born March 23, 1965) is a French artist living in Granada, Nicaragua.Calvet was one of six winners of the VII Biennale of Nicaraguan Arts in 2009 selected to represent Nicaragua at the Biennale of Central America in Panama in 2010.

Camacho, Jorge

Jorge R. Camacho Lazo (Havana, January 5, 1934) is a Cuban painter.

In 1952, he left the study of law to dedicate himself to painting. In 1959, he met his colleague José Luis Cuevas and they both investigated the sources of Mayan culture.

camatta, maurizio
Italian artist Maurizio Camatta is an extraordinary presence in the contemporary art world. As an Abstract Expressionist, his use of colour appears chaotic, provoking an emotional response in the viewer. These are dust explosions, rockets blazing through the layers of atmosphere, rainy skies and steamed up windows.
Cameron, Betsy
Betsy Cameron's first effort at creating a poster was in early 1987. It was a black and white photograph picturing two small children sitting on a beach looking out to sea.
caminanteypintor, Marco Guzman
Né Santiago du Chili en 1954. 40 expositions en France.
Campagnola, Giulio
His early years are better documented than his adult life. He was born in Padua, then subject to the republic of Venice, and home to one of the three major European universities of the fifteenth century, the University of Padua. His father Girolamo was characterised by A.
Campbell, Laurence
Campbell, born in Philadelphia January 21, 1940 grew up a few blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and visited there often throughout his youth. He studied architecture at Temple University and for several years had his own building business, but always painted.
Campbell, James
James Campbell was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the change in seasons in uniquely beautiful.
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Campos-Pons, Maria Magdalena

María Magdalena Campos Pons (born 22 August 1959 in Matanzas, Cuba) is a Cuban artist.

Camps, Pere
Pere Camps was born in Sabadell, Barcelona in 1929. From a very early age, he decided to use his artistic skills to explore his great passion, landscapes. He attended the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Barcelona, where he concentrated in sculpture. In 1949, he held his first exhibition at The Fine Arts Academy in Sabadell.
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Canever, Lillian
Lilian Canever is an artist who was born and lives in Sao Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo,Brazil). Lilian completed courses in art, decoration and sculpture. Her works captivate with its brightness and originality. Strict lines, unusual designs are surely attract your attention.
Cano, Pablo
Born in Havana, Cuba in 1961, Pablo Cano was on the last flight out of the country before the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.  He has since been a resident of Miami’s Little Havana, and is regarded by art patrons and critics alike as one of Florida’s premier contemporary fine artists.  Since childhood, marionettes have fascinated Pablo.  At the age
Caporael, Suzanne
Born in New York City, she studied at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. A modernist, her work is in numerous contemporary art museums.
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Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da or Amerigi da Caravaggio, 1571–1610, Italian painter. His surname, Caravaggio, came from his birthplace.
Cardenas, Agustin

Agustín Cárdenas Alfonso (April 10, 1927, Matanzas, Cuba – February 9, 2001, Havana, Cuba) was a Cuban sculptor who was active in the Surrealist movement in Paris. His sculpture was influenced by Brancusi, Henry Moore, and Jean Arp. Poet André Breton said of his artistic hand that it was "efficient as a dragonfly."

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Carlin, James
Born June 15, 1906 in Belfast, Ireland, James Carlin became a noted painter in mod-realist style of genre, figure, landscape and still life. Mediums included oil, pastel, watercolor as well as stained glass and graphics. Watercolor was a specialty.
Carlson, Ken
Ken Carlson, like many of his contemporaries, began his career in art as a commercial artist. He says, "I can't remember a time when I didn't dream of being an artist. That's all I ever wanted to be.
Carney, Dennis
In 1985 Dennis Carney received an Advertising Art Degree from the University of North Texas. In Conjunction with earning his degree, he participated in an intense study of ceramics under the tutelage of Elmer Taylor. In addition, he furthered his study by enrolling in ceramic workshops under the instruction of Peter Volkons.
Carnwath, Squeak (Wendy)

Squeak Carnwath (born 1947 in Abington, PA) is a contemporary American painter. She received her MFA from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1977.

Caro, Anthony

Sir Anthony Alfred Caro, OM, CBE (8 March 1924 – 23 October 2013) was an English abstract sculptor whose work is characterized by assemblages of metal using 'found' industrial objects. His style was of the modernist school, having worked with Henry Moore early in his career.He was lauded as the greatest British sculptor of his generation.

Caro, Anthony

Sir Anthony Alfred Caro, OM, CBE (8 March 1924 – 23 October 2013) was an English abstract sculptor whose work is characterized by assemblages of metal using 'found' industrial objects. His style was of the modernist school, having worked with Henry Moore early in his career.He was lauded as the greatest British sculptor of his generation.

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Carone, Nicholas

Nicolas Carone (1917 – July 15, 2010) belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist artists whose artistic innovation by the 1950s had been recognized across the Atlantic, including Paris.

Carracci, Agostino

Agostino Carracci (or Caracci) (August 16, 1557 – March 22, 1602) was an Italian painter and printmaker. He was the brother of the more famous Annibale and cousin of Lodovico Carracci.

Carreno, Pablo
Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Pablo Carreno speaks little of his childhood save for his own obsession with drawing and painting. Though his talents were recognized by the age of four, no money was available for formal training, so his early years were spent developing his art through personal experimentation.
Carrington, Leonora
Leonora Carrington OBE (6 April 1917 – 25 May 2011) was a British-born Mexican artist, a surrealist painter and a novelist. She lived most of her life in Mexico City. Carrington was born in Clayton Green, Chorley, Lancashire, England.
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Case, David
David Case was born in 1952. He studied graphics and illustration at St Martin's School in London.
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Cassatt, Mary
Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) lived in Europe for five years as a young girl. She was tutored privately in art in Philadelphia and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1861-65, but she preferred learning on her own and in 1866 traveled to Europe to study.
Castellani, Enrico
As one of Italy's most celebrated living artists, Castellani is known for his poetic, constant and rigorous style, defining what art critics have called a "different repetition." Castellani, along with Yves Klein, was identified by Donald Judd as one of the most important European precursors of minimalism and conceptualism.
Castle, James

Opinions vary as to whether James Castle was born deaf or autistic. Clearly, he never learned to speak, read or write, and refused to be taught to communicate in any of the accepted forms of signing or finger spelling. What physical signaling he did was a highly personal expression of home signing used within his own family.

Castrillo, Jose Luis
Jose Luis Castrillo was born on January 22, 1959 in the Barrio de la Macarena in Seville. By the young age of 6 he was driving his mother crazy drawing her picture on the patio wall of their house. By the age of 20 he was earning an income as a portrait painter.
Castro, Humberto
Humberto Castro was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 9, 1957. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro and Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, Cuba. He works in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and installations.
Cato, Eric
Cato is a visual artist and use a camera to make the images. While he has had some formal training, he considers himself to be self-taught.
Cattelan, Maurizio
Maurizio Cattelan (September 21, 1960, Padova, Italy) is an Italian artist based in New York.
Cauchois, Eugene
Eugene Henri Cauchois, (b. 1839), was born in Rouen and lived in Paris. He studied with Duboc and Cabanel and debuted at the Salon des Artists in 1874. He received various medals of honor between the years 1898 and 1904.
Cavallo, Giuliano
Born in Vina del Mar Chile in 1972, Giuliano Cavallo grew up traveling through much of Chile and Argentina. Much of his formative years were spent living and traveling with "The Children of God", also known as "The Family" and Cavallo sang, acted and performed with other children until his late teens.
Celaya, Enrique Martínez
Enrique Martinez Celaya: Enrique Martínez Celaya, trained as artist and physicist, works in painting, sculpture, photography, and writing. His projects frequently take the form of multi-disciplinary environments that balance images with the immediacy of the material experience.
Cerniglia, Barbara Ford
Barbara Cerniglia has been painting since she was a child in upper state New York. Her mother is an artist and was quick to recognize and encourage her talent. Working in mixed media she explores a variety of styles but her work is all connected by her use of color and expression.
Cesark, Mark
Mark Cesark was born in New Jersey in 1965 and spent most of his childhood there. He grew up in a family that loved to travel. From age five, he and his family would take yearly month long camping tours of the United States and Canada. Mark felt most at home in the West.
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Cézanne, Paul
Paul Cézanne was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavor to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century.
Chadwick, William
An American Impressionist, William Chadwick did not actively seek the limelight of the art world during his life.
Chagall, Marc

Chagoya, Enrique

Enrique Chagoya is a Mexican-born painter and print-maker. His subject is the changing nature of culture.

Chaitram, Audra
Audra Chaitram is an innovative British designer whose creative skills and knowledge in textile design and surface pattern has earned her recognition on an international basis. She has designed in Paris, London, Italy, and Switzerland and is currently the Design Director for a highly acclaimed design studio in New York City.
Chamberlain, Michael
Born March 25, 1983, Chamerblain's desire is to capture the essence of a subject while maintaining the look and feel of paint. I'm motivated by the beauty surrounding us in simple, everyday objects and scenes.
Chambers, Stephen
Stephen Chambers' work hovers between abstract and figurative, minimal and decorative, where colourful images of figures are held in a kind of suspended animation. His paintings speak of states of mind, behaviours and sensibilities which disrupt natural laws (like gravity) and fashion a very personal poetic language.
Chancel, Adrien
Adrien Chancel was a student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the latter 1870's. He worked in the atelier of Constant Moyaux. As a student, Chancel was known for his inventive and articulate use of iron and glass.
Chaprnka, Greg
Greg Chaprnka was born in Baltimore, MD on February 2nd, 1985. He spent most of his life living north of Baltimore and recently relocated between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UMBC in 2007 and has worked for Direct Dimensions, Inc. since 2005.
Charles, Caroline
Caroline Charles began in the world of fashion art school followed by a couture apprenticeship and a stint as a photographer's assistant; she then worked for Mary Quant and was inspired by couturiers as well as the youth quake of the early 60's in London.