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Brown, Alice Dalton
As a contemporary Realist using the medium of either oil on canvas or pastel on paper, Dalton Brown achieves beautifully detailed scenes of airy domestic views, breezy porch settings and dappled seascapes which inspire a romantic, meditative mood.
Brown, David Carter
As a contemporary Realist using the medium of either oil on canvas or pastel on paper, Dalton Brown achieves beautifully detailed scenes of airy domestic views, breezy porch settings and dappled seascapes which inspire a romantic, meditative mood.
Browne, Byron

George Byron Browne was born in 1907 in Yonkers, New York. He later dropped the name “George,” although his name occasionally appears as George-Byron Browne or George B. Browne. He attended the National Academy of Design in New York City from 1924 to 1928.

Mia Brownell was born in Chicago, Illinois to a sculptor and biophysicist. She has had solo exhibitions in major American cities including New York, Boston and Washington, DC.

Brueghel, Pieter
Bruegel, Brueghel, or Breughel, outstanding family of Flemish genre and landscape painters. The foremost, Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, c.1525–1569, called Peasant Bruegel, studied in Antwerp with his future father-in-law, Pieter Coeck van Aelst, but was influenced primarily by Bosch. In 1551 he became a member of the Antwerp Guild.
Buchanan, Beverly

Beverly Buchanan (b. October 8, 1940, Fuquay, North Carolina) is an African American artist. Buchanan is noted for her exploration of Southern vernacular architecture through her art.

Budd, David
David Budd attended the School of Architecture at the University of Florida at Gainesville from 1946 to 1948, and afterwards moved to New York. He joined the Art Students League in 1954, and frequented the Cedar Street Tavern, where he befriended fellow artists Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline.
Buddhi Solowenta VanRoos was born in Indonesia in 1962 of a Dutch father and Indonesian mother. Though educated in Amsterdam, he began his painting career at the age if 20 in Jakarta where he set up his first studio. From 1983-1985 he attended the National Academy of Art while participating in many group exhibitions.
Bueno, Pascual
Pascual Bueno was born in 1930 in the city of Barcelona. From a very young age he showed tremendous skill in drawing and painting. At 14, he entered the Provincial School of Master Painters in Barcelona, from which he graduated four years later. During those years, he combined his studies with decorative work at his father’s workshop.
Buffet, Bernard
Bernard Buffet was born in Paris, France on July 10, 1928. He entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1944 but worked mostly in solitude. He obtained an exhibition at the Gal. des Impressions d'Art in 1947 but attracted no attention. About that time he found his individual style and in 1948 won the Prix de la Critique jointly with Bernard Lorjou.
Buffet, Guy
I am not trying, says Guy Buffet, "to convey a message in my work.
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Buller, Audrey
Birth/Death Lived/Active Often Known For - 1902 (Montreal, Canada) - 1984 (Little Compton, Rhode Island) New York mod figure-views, portrait, floral Methods * Easel Painting Styles * Abstract Figurative * Magic Realism * Realism/Representation/Realist Subjects * Figure/Figurative * Floral Motifs * Portrait * Still Life Associati
Burchfield, Charles

Charles Ephraim Burchfield (April 9, 1893 - January 10, 1967) is an American visionary artist. A watercolor painter from Ohio, Burchfield is known for his visual commentaries on the effects of Industrialism on small town America as well as for his paintings of nature.

Burden, Chris

Christopher "Chris" Burden (born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1946) is an American artist working in performance, sculpture, and installation art.

Buren, Daniel

Daniel Buren (born 25 March 1938) is a French conceptual artist. Sometimes classified as an abstract minimalist Buren is known best for using regular, contrasting maxi stripes to integrate the visual surface and architectural space, notably historical, landmark architecture.

Burkhardt, Hans
Swiss-born, Hans Burkhardt (1904-1994) moved to Los Angeles in 1939 where he came into contact with Surrealists Man Ray, Knud Merrild and Eugene Berman . His arrival on the West Coast was announced with an important exhibit at the Stendahl Gallery. Burkhardt continued working in Los Angeles for almost sixty years.
Burns, Marsha
Marsha Burns studied at the University of Washington (1963-65) and the University of Massachusetts (1967-69). She has received two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts (1978, 1988).
Burns, Ron
Ron Burns was born and raised in Ohio, and graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications.
Burr, Marysia
Born in 1956 in the southern Polish city of Wadowice, Marysia Burr began her study of art at the Bielsko-Biala High School of Fine Arts, from which she graduate Magna Cum Laude.
Preoccupied with depicting the ugly side of city life Burra's art echoes the Existentialist belief that our existence can only fully come into its own when we experience discord, guilt, death and suffering. During the 1920s and 1930s Burra explored these facets of life in the dance halls and bordellos he loved to frequent.
Burri, Alberto

Alberto Burri (born 12 March 1915 in Città di Castello, Italy, died 13 February 1995 in Nice, France) was an Italian painter and sculptor.

Burris, Terri
Terri Burris developed her interest in art at an early age, under the magical guidance of a neighbor who became her first teacher. They spent many hours together, rooting Terri’s visions in childhood inspiration for a lifetime.
Bustamante, Sergio
Sergio Bustamonte studied architecture at the University of Guadalajara and sold his artwork while in school, beginning in 1960.
Butcher, Clyde
Wilderness, to me, is a spiritual necessity. When my son was killed by a drunk driver it was to the wilderness that I fled in hopes of regaining my serenity and equilibrium. The mysterious spiritual experience of being close to nature helped restore my soul.
Butterfield, Deborah Kay
Born in San Diego, California, on the day of the 75th running of the Kentucky Derby, Deborah Butterfield credits this event as determining her career as a modernist sculptor of horses. Her work is a combination of abstraction and reality.
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Caballero, Emilio
Born at Newark, New Jersey, to Spanish immigrants Magdalena Berben Martin and Juan Caballero Gutierrez, Emilio Caballero (born 1917) came to the Texas Panhandle in 1937.
Caballero, Jose
José Caballero (1915-1991) A painter, illustrator and theatrical designer, Caballero was born in Huelva, Spain in 1915. In 1924, he began studying drawing with José Fernández Alvarado.
Caballero, Luis
In 1963-64, he studied at the Academie de la Grand Chaumiere, Paris, and moved to Paris in 1969. His work was widely exhibited, including in New York, Paris, Washington DC, Lisbon, Montevideo, Hanover, Berlin, Bogota, Elmira N.
Caballero, Salvador
The artist Salvador Caballero was born in Barcelona, Spain on October 23, 1943 at a time when Barcelona suffered repression of civil liberties that followed the immediate post-war period.
Cabanel, Alexandre
Alexandre Cabanel, born in Montpellier, France on September 28, 1823, was a tremendously popular painter who personified official academic art at the top of the Salon hierarchy and with his contemporary Bouguereau stood as the antithesis of progressive movements, including impressionism.
Cabaniss, Lila
Lila Marguerite Cabaniss, American, 20th Century, featured such subjects as children portraits and landscapes. Savannah, Georgia painter. She was a member of the Southern States Art League, Savannah Art Club, and the Association of Georgia Artists.
Cabot, Hugh
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Hugh Cabot became a painter of southwestern and Mexican frontier subjects, an illustrator and sculptor. Cabot studied at Vesper George School of Fine Arts and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Mexico College and Oxford University.
Cabot, Petra
An artist whose first love was painting, Petra Cabot, however, is best remembered for her 1950s design of the 'Skotch cooler', an insulated, airtight, four gallon cooler with three layers of insulation covered with plaid fabric.
Cabral, Flavio
Born in New York City on July 7, 1916, Flavio Cabral arrived in Los Angeles in 1936 and enrolled at the Von Schneidau School of Art. He was active in the local art scene and remained in Los Angeles until his demise on March 22, 1990.
Cabrera, Armand
Born in San Francisco in 1955, Armand Cabrera has always been passionate about art. Encouraged by his family, Armand starting drawing dinosaurs, people and landscapes at an early age. His mother was an oil painter while his grandfather drew birds. By the time Armand was ten years old, he knew he would become a professional artist someday.
Cachoud, Francois
A student of the great Gustave Moreau and Robert Delauny, he competed in the Salon de Paris, 1892 through the 1940's. He also obtained a gold medal at l'Exposition Universelle in Paris.
Cada, Joseph
He studied at the Institute of Design (The New Bauhaus) in Chicago from 1947-1951. During WWII, Cada was a Cyptographic Technician Code and Cipher Chief in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. for the European Theatre.
Caddell, Foster
Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, he studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and also had private study with Peter Helck, Robert Brackman and Guy Wiggins. He has had numerous portrait commssions of political and business leaders as well as religious paintings for several denominations.
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Cadenasso, Giuseppe
Born near Genoa, Italy on Jan. 2, 1858, Giuseppe Cadenasso, at age nine, sailed from Genoa to northern California where his uncle owned a vineyard. As a young man he moved to San Francisco where he worked as a barber, waiter, and sang Italian opera at the Tivoli Opera House.
Cadieux, Cathey
Portrait painter, Cathey Cadieux, earned an associate's degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and later attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Cadieux teaches at the California Art Institute in Westlake Village.
Cadmus, Paul

Paul Cadmus (December 17, 1904 – December 12, 1999) was an American artist. He is best known for his paintings and drawings of nude male figures. His works combined elements of eroticism and social critique to produce a style often called magic realism.

Cadogan, Edwin
Born in San Francisco, CA on Jan. 4, 1908. Cadogan was a member of the Lucas family for whom Lucas Valley in Marin County is named. After graduating from Berkeley High School, he studied at Marin Jr. College (1934-35) and on a three year scholarship at the CSFA. He was active in the local art scene and a resident of Berkeley during the 1930s.
Cage, John
John Milton Cage Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composer, music theorist, writer, philosopher and artist. A pioneer of indeterminacy in music, electroacoustic music, and non-standard use of musical instruments, Cage was one of the leading figures of the post-war avant-garde.
Caillebotte, Gustave

Gustave Caillebotte (19 August 1848 – 21 February 1894) was a French painter, member and patron of the group of artists known as Impressionists, though he painted in a much more realistic manner than many other artists in the group. Caillebotte was noted for his early interest in photography as an artform.

Ghitta Caiserman Roth RCA (1923-2005) Ghitta Caiserman-Roth is an outstanding example of the creativity of women artists that has characterized a century of artistic activity in Montréal. Caiserman-Roth's studies in New York led to work characterized by a strong social orientation and expressionist style (Backyard, 1948).
Calder, Alexander

Alexander Calder (July 22, 1898 – November 11, 1976) was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing the mobile. In addition to mobile and stabile sculpture, Alexander Calder also created paintings, lithographs, toys, tapestry, jewelry, and household objects.

Calderon, Mark
Mark Calderon was born in Bakersfield, California in 1955. He received his B.A. from San Jose State University, California. He resides in Seattle. Well-known in Seattle and on the West Coast, Mark Calderon’s debut solo show in New York provides the viewer with a rich palette of materials in his wall-mounted and free-standing sculpture.
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Calhoun, Scott
Scott Calhoun
Califano, John
Born December 5, 1862 in Rome, where he was a student of Domenico Morelli, John Edmund Califano became a landscape artist, especially noted for his scenes of California and Italy. In 1881, he came to the United States and lived in Chicago until 1908.
Calkins, Mary
Mary Calkins began studies in 1971, but left to pursue other directions. She returned to the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston seventeen years later. This renewed commitment resulted in her BFA in Painting in 1994. During this time, Ms.
Callahan, Harry

Harry Callahan (1912-1999) grew up in Detroit and briefly studied chemical engineering and business at Michigan State University in Lansing before taking a job at the Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation in 1936.