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Castrillo, Jose Luis
Jose Luis Castrillo was born on January 22, 1959 in the Barrio de la Macarena in Seville. By the young age of 6 he was driving his mother crazy drawing her picture on the patio wall of their house. By the age of 20 he was earning an income as a portrait painter.
Castro, Humberto
Humberto Castro was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 9, 1957. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro and Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, Cuba. He works in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and installations.
Cato, Eric
Cato is a visual artist and use a camera to make the images. While he has had some formal training, he considers himself to be self-taught.
Cattelan, Maurizio
Maurizio Cattelan (September 21, 1960, Padova, Italy) is an Italian artist based in New York.
Cauchois, Eugene
Eugene Henri Cauchois, (b. 1839), was born in Rouen and lived in Paris. He studied with Duboc and Cabanel and debuted at the Salon des Artists in 1874. He received various medals of honor between the years 1898 and 1904.
Cavallo, Giuliano
Born in Vina del Mar Chile in 1972, Giuliano Cavallo grew up traveling through much of Chile and Argentina. Much of his formative years were spent living and traveling with "The Children of God", also known as "The Family" and Cavallo sang, acted and performed with other children until his late teens.
Celaya, Enrique Martínez
Enrique Martinez Celaya: Enrique Martínez Celaya, trained as artist and physicist, works in painting, sculpture, photography, and writing. His projects frequently take the form of multi-disciplinary environments that balance images with the immediacy of the material experience.
Cerniglia, Barbara Ford
Barbara Cerniglia has been painting since she was a child in upper state New York. Her mother is an artist and was quick to recognize and encourage her talent. Working in mixed media she explores a variety of styles but her work is all connected by her use of color and expression.
Cesark, Mark
Mark Cesark was born in New Jersey in 1965 and spent most of his childhood there. He grew up in a family that loved to travel. From age five, he and his family would take yearly month long camping tours of the United States and Canada. Mark felt most at home in the West.
Cézanne, Paul
Paul Cézanne was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavor to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century.
Chadwick, William
An American Impressionist, William Chadwick did not actively seek the limelight of the art world during his life.
Chagall, Marc

Chagoya, Enrique

Enrique Chagoya is a Mexican-born painter and print-maker. His subject is the changing nature of culture.

Chaitram, Audra
Audra Chaitram is an innovative British designer whose creative skills and knowledge in textile design and surface pattern has earned her recognition on an international basis. She has designed in Paris, London, Italy, and Switzerland and is currently the Design Director for a highly acclaimed design studio in New York City.
Chamberlain, Michael
Born March 25, 1983, Chamerblain's desire is to capture the essence of a subject while maintaining the look and feel of paint. I'm motivated by the beauty surrounding us in simple, everyday objects and scenes.
Chambers, Stephen
Stephen Chambers' work hovers between abstract and figurative, minimal and decorative, where colourful images of figures are held in a kind of suspended animation. His paintings speak of states of mind, behaviours and sensibilities which disrupt natural laws (like gravity) and fashion a very personal poetic language.
Chancel, Adrien
Adrien Chancel was a student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the latter 1870's. He worked in the atelier of Constant Moyaux. As a student, Chancel was known for his inventive and articulate use of iron and glass.
Chaprnka, Greg
Greg Chaprnka was born in Baltimore, MD on February 2nd, 1985. He spent most of his life living north of Baltimore and recently relocated between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UMBC in 2007 and has worked for Direct Dimensions, Inc. since 2005.
Charles, Caroline
Caroline Charles began in the world of fashion art school followed by a couture apprenticeship and a stint as a photographer's assistant; she then worked for Mary Quant and was inspired by couturiers as well as the youth quake of the early 60's in London.
Charlot, Jean
Born in Paris, France 1897, naturalized American , died in Hawaii in 1979. He synthesized in his works the traditions from his diversified cultural lineage,Russian ,Jewish by his father side , French and Mexican by his mother side. He moved to Mexico in 1920,there he joined the Mexican Muralist Movement.
Charlot, Jean
Born in Paris, France 1897, naturalized American , died in Hawaii in 1979. He synthesized in his works the traditions from his diversified cultural lineage,Russian ,Jewish by his father side , French and Mexican by his mother side. He moved to Mexico in 1920,there he joined the Mexican Muralist Movement.
Chase, William Merritt
Chase, William Merritt, 1849–1916, American painter, b. Williamsburg, Ind., studied in Indianapolis and in Munich under Piloty. In 1878 he began his long career as an influential teacher at the Art Students League of New York and later established his own summer school of landscape painting in the Shinnecock Hills on Long Island.
Chavelle, Rene
Rene Chavelle was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1953. His first love was music, in particular the cello, which he studied as a child in Paris. Sketching, however, was his form of relaxation, and by the age of seventeen Chavelle was selling his sketches of Paris street scenes on the sidewalks of the left bank.
Cheetham, Sean
Sean Cheetham (32) teaches at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and studied with Mike Hussar at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. His classical but edgy paintings of the figure is attracting attention as new important figure painter to watch.
Cheret, Jules
Chéret, Jules, 1836–1932, French painter and draftsman, originator of the modern poster. His colorful, sophisticated designs for the theater and opera influenced Toulouse-Lautrec. Chéret introduced color lithography into France in 1866. Used with permission. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright © 2001 Columbia University Press
Cherry, Herman

Herman Cherry (April 10, 1909-1992), an abstract painter was a contemporary and friend of the vanguard Abstract Expressionist artists.

Chertova, Olga
Olga Chertova was born in 1982, studied in Kaliningrad school of art and Kaliningrad State University. Awarded II Prize at Epson Photo competition Russia 2010. Her life experience is play in theater, work as teacher of graphics, a graphic designer, web designer, owner of design studio, fashion photographer, curator of art projects.
Chevallier, Florence
The characters of Florence Chevallier act in the real, preserve their own psychology by the gestural and their bodies - up until the moment where they meet the particular beauty defined as alone by Florence Chevalier in their presence in a scenery - scenery in sense that defines itself also elsewhere than in the real place even if matters, as an ex
Chihuly, Dale

Dale Chihuly (b. September 20, 1941 in Tacoma, Washington, United States) is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur.

Childish, Billy

Billy Childish (born Steven John Hamper, 1 December 1959) is an English artist, painter, author, poet, photographer, film maker, singer and guitarist.

The Italian painter and graphic artist Giorgio de Chirico was born in Volvos, Greece, on July 7, 1888.
Chiurai, Kudsanai

Chong, Fay Chong
Fay Chong was born in Canton, China and emigrated to the United States where he attended the University of Washington in Seattle. He studied privately with Leon Derbyshire and Mark Tobey.
Chrisptopher, William Rodolphus

Birth: 1924 (Columbus, Georgia) Death: 1973



Papers of William Christopher relate to his career as a painter, as well as aspects of his personal life; notably, documenting his participation in the Civil Rights movement.

Dan Christensen, the American abstract painter, was born in Cozad, Nebraska on October 6, 1942, he died in Easthampton, New York on January 20, 2007. He is best known for paintings that relate to Lyrical Abstraction, Color Field painting and Abstract Expressionism. His early work from 1965-1966 was related to Minimalism.
Christo, Vladimir

Chu, Hung
Hung Chu was born in Suzhou, China in 1960. He began to practice Chinese calligraphy when he was twelve and painting at eighteen.
Chun, Tan
Tan Chun was born in Canton, China and developed an interest in art early in his childhood. He began his studies art in China and continued at the Art Student's League in New York after immigrating to America in 1974. The longtime exploration of both the American and Chinese arts has broadened his horizon and influenced Tan's personal philosophy.
Cidoncha, Rafael

Born in Vigo, Spain 1952. Sculptor and Painter

"The Madrid venue of the multi-national Marlborough Gallery is showing a must-see exhibition. Works done in these last four years by Rafael Cidoncha while staying at Bernard-Henri Levy's pied-à-terre in Marrakesh. Can't beat the über-trendiness of the whole thing.

Clark, Susan
With her company, Feat of Clay, Susan Clark uses clay as a storytelling medium to present snatches of conversation or life on a miniature stage, reduced in scale so that they can be readily observed. An appreciation for the seemingly minor occurrences of life, and a keen sculpturing ability, compel this artist to create her work, and Clark garnishe
Clark, Leslie
Artist Leslie Clark travels widely and paints constantly, searching for new perspective and old wisdom. Lured by exotic cultures around the globe, she paints with the urgency of knowing they may soon be transformed by the intrusion of the modern world.
Clark, Larry

Lawrence Donald "Larry" Clark (born January 19, 1943) is an American film director, photographer, writer and film producer who is best known for the movie Kids and his photography book Tulsa.

Clark, Obie
The application of fine art ideals to ceramics and other crafts is not often successfully accomplished. Obie Clark has worked as a studio potter since 1974; creating products of such widespread interest to operate a viable business based on hand built works of art, dissolving the line between fine art and craft.
Clarke, Henry
Henry Clarke was born in California in 1919. In his late twenties he took temporary work in the renowned studios of Conde Nast, New York.
Claxton, William
Born in Pasadena, California, Claxton's works included a book of photographs of Steve McQueen, and Jazz Life, a book of photographs depicting jazz artists in the 1960s. He was most noted for his photography of jazz musicians including Chet Baker. Claxton also photographed celebrities and models.

Clet Abraham, né en Bretagne le 2 octobre 1966, fils de l'écrivain français Jean-Pierre Abraham, est un peintre et un sculpteur français actif en Italie depuis 1990.

Cleuren, Gabriella
CV (excerpt) for Gabriella Cleuren 1965 study of Nordic Art and Music at the University of Oslo, Norway. 1966-1970 living in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles. 1970 back in Belgium. 1970–72 painting and drawing at the Academy in Hasselt, Belgium under the tutelage of R.
Cloar, Carroll

Close, Chuck

Chuck Thomas Close (born July 5, 1940, Monroe, Washington) is an American painter and photographer who achieved fame as a photorealist, through his massive-scale portraits.

Coath, Janie
Janie Coath graduated from Central St Martins, London,in 1994 with a Master’s Degree in Illustration. The main areas of her work are for children’s books, book covers, greetings cards and editorial.
Cocteau, Jean

Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau (5 July 1889 – 11 October 1963) was a French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, boxing manager, playwright, artist and filmmaker.

Coke, Van Deren
Van Deren Coke, a curator, teacher, author and photographer with an eye for the experimental and surreal, died on July 11 at a hospital in Albuquerque. He was 83 and lived in Santa Fe, N.M. His death was announced by his family. Starting in the mid-1950's Mr.
Coldwell, Paul
Paul Coldwell is Professor of Fine Art at the University of the Arts London, a position he has held since 2001. He contributes to the Graduate School programme at CCW (Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon) and is also engaged in PhD supervision, particularly in the area of practice-based research.
Colin, George
George Colin sacked and moved flour for Pillsbury for 30 years before his retirement. During that time and the period that followed his retirement, he devoted his spare moments to painting. Apparently he has been obsessed with art most of his life.
Collinge, J. Walter

Collins, Phil

Phil Collins (born 1970) is an English artist, and Turner prize nominee.

Matthew "Mat" Collishaw (born 1966, Nottingham, UK) is an artist based in London, and one of the Young British Artists. Collishaw typically takes imagery which is at once shocking yet strangely beautiful in order to examine the beguiling nature of photography and the seduction of visual imagery. Collishaw uses contemporary images alongside techni
Colomer, Joan
Joan Colomer was raised amid the rich artistic heritage of his family and the inspirational landscape tradition immediately surrounding him.
Combas, Robert
Robert Combas is a French painter and sculptor, born May 25, 1957 in Lyon, France and now living and working in Paris. He is widely recognized as a progenitor of the figuration libre movement[1] that began in Paris around 1980 as a reaction to the art establishment in general and minimalism and conceptual art in particular. Figuration libre is oft
Condon, Brody

Brody Condon was born in Mexico in 1974  and received his MFA from the University of California, San Diego in 2002.

Consagra, Pietro

Constable, John
Constable and Turner were the leading figures in English landscape painting of the 19th cent. Constable became famous for his landscapes of Suffolk, Hampstead, Salisbury, and Brighton.
Consuegra, Hugo
Hugo Consuegra Sosa (1929 – 2003) was born in Havana. He resided in Madrid from 1967 – 1969 and then in New York from 1970 onward. The artist studied at the San Alejandro Academy, and graduated from the University of Havana as an architect. In 1953, he became one of the founding members of The Eleven, a group of young abstract expressionists.
Cook, Jamie
Jamie Cook was raised amid the rich history of the Deep South in Atlanta, Georgia. He began his formal art training at Georgia State University where he majored in Fine Art and Photography. During this time he met John McWilliams, a photography professor who encouraged him to explore his inherent talents.
Cooper, Debbie
Being raised in and spending 25 years in Hawaii, Debbie Cooper’s heart has always been somewhere on a tropical island. Graduating from high school in Honolulu, Cooper moved to Maui for 18 years, where she graduated from college with an Associate of Arts degree and went on to become an award-winning photographer, and owner/operator of a beauty salo
Copley, Alfred Lewin (Alcopley)


Alfred Lewin Copley (1910 – 1992) was a German-American medical scientist and an artist at the New York School in the 1950s. As an artist he worked under the name Alcopley. He is best known as an artist for his abstract expressionist paintings, and as a scientist for his work in the field of hemorheology. 

Corbet, Edward
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Edward Corbett was a painter in an abstract style of poetic landscape inspired by the various locations where he lived and traveled. He often titled his paintings for the location that inspired them, but he did not do literal depictions. He was especially noted for subtle changes of effect in colors and surfaces.
Cornell, Jeff
A master of creating an intoxicating mood of peacefulness, Jeff Cornell reveals a figure in an instance of time, captured forever with subtlety and sensuality to the fore.
Cornell, Joseph

Joseph Cornell (December 24, 1903 – December 29, 1972) was an American artist and sculptor, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. Influenced by the Surrealists, he was also an avant-garde experimental filmmaker.

Corpet, Vincent
Vincent Corpet (born March 20, 1958)is a painter contemporary French born in 1958 in Paris . He lives and works in Paris.
Correggio, Antonio
Correggio was born Antonio Allegri, but he is known as Correggio from the name of the small town in northern Italy where he was born in 1494. Most of his work was done in the nearby town of Parma where about 1524 he was commissioned to decorate a wall of the Church of the Annunciation. The fresco he painted is now a ruin.
Cortes, Edouard
Cortès was born in Lagny, France on April 26, 1882. During his early lifetime, Paris was the center of the art world. Artist from across the globe traveled there to study and paint it’s beautiful countryside and cities; views of Paris, or as it became known ‘the City of Lights’, were in great demand by both collectors and tourists.