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Jan Theuninck is an abstract artist from Belgian origin, his work has been characterized as an expression of the subconscious in minimalist form.
Thibaud, Wayne


Thiele, Robert
When meeting Robert Thiele, it’s best to toss aside the reigning conceptions of Miami’s current art stars. Thiele is neither baby-faced nor prone to invoking a mishmash of postmodern theory. And he’s anything but effete.
Thielke, Jason
Jason Thielke’s work demonstrates aesthetic elements that encompass both contemporary and traditional techniques much like modern architecture. This style emerges in deeply personal, figurative works, which comfortably contrast hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions.
Thomas, Margo
A native of Dallas, Margo Thomas studied art at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. She has studied watercolor under such well-known artists as Marie Hull, Doris Nunn, Gary Walters, John Gaddis, Robert Landry and Zoltan Szabo. Her love of painting includes transparent watercolor, acrylics, oil, mixed-media and collage.
Thomas, Yvonne

Yvonne Thomas  (born in France, 1913-2009)

Thomas, Andy
Andy Thomas of Carthage, Missouri is dedicated to the Trans-Mississippi Civil War series in which he is depicting battles West of the Mississippi River. These have been, for the most part, undoctumented by todays artists. Thomas has painted scenes from The Battle of Pea Ridge and Prarie Grove both of Arkansas.
Thompson, Samuel
Sam Thompson was a Lancaster photographer whose work won acclaim and recognition, nationally and internationally, far beyond the confines of his native city. Sam was born in Scotforth, just to the south of Lancaster, in 1871.
Thozhur, Vasudha
Vasudha Thozhur is a painter who is currently based in Baroda. She was born in Mysore in 1956 and educated at the College of Arts and Crafts, Madras, and at the School of Art and Design, Croydon, UK. She worked in Madras for many years, between 1981 - 1997.
Thrash, Dox
Dox Thrash was born in Griffin, Georgia, on March 22, 1893. He was the second of four children in his family. Thrash left home at the age of fifteen in search of work up north.

Li Tianbing (Born in 1974 in Guilin, the capital city of China’s southern province of Guangxi) first discovered painting as a child with traditional Chinese ink painting techniques. 

Tiehai, Zhou
Zhou Tiehai is a contemporary Chinese artist whose art work attempts to satirize much of modern Chinese art. Zhou does not paint his own works, though he earned an arts degree from the School of Fine Arts at Shanghai University in 1989.
Tierno, Benigno
Benigno Tierno is a spanish painter. His work, materic and contemporanean, uses symbols to explain the spiritual fact of man. He tries to gather up the tradition which lies on the collective unconscious, the tradition that talks to our emotional dimension.
Tillmans, Wolfgang


Ting, Walasse
Walasse Ting From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Walasse Ting Birth name 丁雄泉 Born 1929 Shanghai, China Died May 17, 2010 (aged 80) New York, United States Field Painting Training Self taught Awards Guggenheim Fellowship Award for Drawing, 1970 Walasse Ting (1929 – May 17, 2010) was a Chinese-American visual artist and poet.
Tinguely, Jean
Jean Tinguely (22 May 1925 in Fribourg, Switzerland – 30 August 1991 in Bern) was a Swiss painter and sculptor. He is best known for his sculptural machines or kinetic art, in the Dada tradition; known officially as metamechanics.
Tissot, James

James Jacques Joseph Tissot (15 October 1836 – 8 August 1902) was a French painter.

Titian, c.1490–1576, Venetian painter, whose name was Tiziano Vecellio, b. Pieve di Cadore in the Dolomites. Of the very first rank among the artists of the Renaissance, Titian had an immense influence on succeeding generations of painters, especially in his use of color. Titian studied painting in the shop of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini.
Tobey, Mark

Mark George Tobey (December 11, 1890 – April 24, 1976) was an American abstract expressionist painter, born in Centerville, Wisconsin.

Toklas, Alice Babette

Alice Babette Toklas (1877-1967) is best remembered as the pseudo-subject of Gertrude Stein’s memoirs, but this American woman was an integral part of the flourishing art and literature scene in early 20th-century Paris.

Tokuno, Gajin
The crosshatch line drawings of Gajin Tokuno celebrate human sexual organs in imaginative ways. In addition to realistic drawings, he transforms sexual organs from hidden body parts into animals and every day objects that we encounter regularly.

Touko Laaksonen, best known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland (8 May 1920 – 7 November 1991) was a Finnish artist notable for his stylized homoerotic and fetish art and his influence on late twentieth century gay culture. He has been called the "most influential creator of gay pornographic images" by cultural historian Joseph W.

Tomaselli, Fred

Fred Tomaselli (born in Santa Monica, California, in 1956) is an American artist. He is best known for his highly detailed paintings on wood panels, combining an array of unorthodox materials suspended in a thick layer of clear, epoxy resin.

Tooker, George

George Clair Tooker, Jr. (born August 5, 1920) in Brooklyn, New York. He is a figurative painter who is associated with the Magic Realism movement and with the Social realism movement as well. He was one just nine recipients of the National Medal of Arts during 2007.

Torr, Helen (Reds)

Helen Torr (American, 1886-1967). Married to Arthur Dove (Pictured above with Aline Dove). Known as  "Reds" for her striking auburn hair.

Torres-Garcia, Joaquín

Joaquín Torres García (28 July 1874 – 8 August 1949), was a Uruguayan plastic artist, also known as the founder of Constructive Universalism. In 1978, several works of his were destroyed in a fire that broke out in the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, while a large exhibition of the artist's works was being held.

Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa or simply Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French pronunciation: [ɑ̃ʁi də tuluz loˈtʁɛk]) (24 November 1864 – 9 September 1901) was a French painter, printmaker, draughtsman, and illustrator, whose immersion in the colourful and theatrical life of fin de siècle Paris yielded an œuvre of exciting, elegant and
Tracy, John
J. M. Tracy was renowned in his lifetime as a painter of dogs, horses, and sporting scenes, but today he is one of the most elusive figures in American art. His obscurity is partially accounted for by the fact that his work seldom comes on the market.
Trave, Horst

Horst Trave (born 1919) was one of the original bohemians of San Francisco's art explosion, and in 1949 he became a co-founder of the 12-member Metart Galleries, the first "Beat" gallery by the Bay.

Triegel, Michael

Michael Triegel hatte während seines Studiums an der Leipziger Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst von 1990 bis 1995 bei Arno Rink und danach in seinem Meisterschülerstudium bei Ulrich Hachulla gelernt, die Frage nach dem „Warum” immer auch mit dem „Wie” zu verknüpfen.

Troy, Tony
After being thrown out of Art College, Tony Troy was fired from many low paying office jobs in the city of London. One day, on his way to the Labor Exchange, he came across a group of street artists drawing portraits of tourists. After a brief conversation with one of the artists, in which Mr.


Nína Tryggvadóttir (March 16, 1913 – June 18, 1968) was born Jónína Tryggvadóttir in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Tryggvadottir, Inga Huld

Tsoublekas, Dimitris

Dimitris Tsoublekas


*1967 in Athen / Griechenland 

Studium: Stavrakos Film School, Athen

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Tugues, Eleonora

Nace en Caracas en 1968

1976-1990 Cursa estudios de escultura y cerámica en el "Taller de Cerámica Beatriz Plaza". Caracas.

1986-1991 Estudia Antropología en la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas.

Turk, Paula
After a lifetime of drawing and painting, Paula Turk decided to explore dimensional art. A course description about metalworking in a South Florida Art Center brochure, peaked her interest. After two sessions, she was hooked and have been at it ever since.
Turnbull, William

William Turnbull (11 January 1922 – 16 November 2012) was a Scottish artist.

Twachtman, John H.

John Henry Twachtman (August 4, 1853 – August 8, 1902) was an American painter best known for his impressionist landscapes, though his painting style varied widely through his career. Art historians consider Twachtman's style of American Impressionism to be among the more personal and experimental of his generation.

Edwin Parker (Cy) Twombly, Jr. (born April 25, 1928) is an American artist well known for his large-scale, freely scribbled, calligraphic-style graffiti paintings, on solid fields of mostly gray, tan, or off-white colors. He exhibits his paintings worldwide.

Tworkov, Jack

Jack Tworkov (1900–1982) was a Polish born American abstract expressionist painter.

Uecker, Gunther

Günther Uecker, also known as Guenther Uecker, (born 13 March 1930) is a German sculptor.

Ueda, Fuco
Fuco Ueda is a Japanese artist who paints with acrylic (which she thins to achieve a watercolor effect) and powdered mineral pigments on paper, cloth, and on wood. Her paintings describe a bizzare world, dominated by female characters, and various nature elements (animals, marine fauna, flowers, bees, mushrooms etc.).
Ufan, Lee

Lee Ufan (born 1936 in Haman County, in South Kyongsang province in Korea) is a minimalist painter and sculptor, artist, and academic.

ugurtan, seba
Seba Ugurtan She was born in İstanbul in 1956. During her high-school years she worked at the State Museum of Art and Sculpture at Cavit Atmaca’s studio, and during her university education, she worked at the studios of significant artists like Şeref Bigalı, Fahri Sever and İbrahim Bozkuş.
Umrani, Rizwan
Rizwan Ali Umrani 12 February 1938 Abstract / Modern Painter Born: 12 February, 1938; Larkana, sindh, India Resides: Mother Gallery Larkana, Pakistan Education: 1962 Government College Larkana, B.A Exhibitions Solo 1994 Pakistan National Council of the A
Vaadia, Boaz
Boaz Vaadia (born November 13, 1951) is an American/Israeli figurative art sculptor known for working with bluestone slate. Vaadia was born in Gat Rimon, Israel. He studied at the Avni Institute of Art and Design, Tel-Aviv, Israel between 1967 and 1971.
Vaca Jr, Victor-Hugo
Maverick Artist, Victor-Hugo Vaca Jr., "The Voice of the Lied To Generation" is a Renaissance Man who has appeared on every major network including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, WB, Univision, Telemundo, MegaTV, GenTV and several radio outlets and talk shows including, FOX Powertalk.
Valsecchi, Olivier




van Aelst, Willem
Iris Van Dongen is a Dutch artist living in Berlin who has exhibited her huge pastel drawings of pretty young girls all across Europe and North America. Iris's work is largely based on fashion shoots, and it's so damn pretty and dark and romantic that it makes us depressed to look at real fashion shoots, which are often ugly and bright and slutty.
Jan van Eyck (or Johannes de Eyck) (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈjɑn vɑn ˈɛjk]) (before c. 1395 – before 9 July 1441) was a Flemish painter active in Bruges and is generally considered one of the most significant Northern European painters of the 15th century. The few surviving records indicate that van Eyck was born around 1390, most likely in Maaseik.

2010 A book of portraits in collaboration with Louise Bourgeois.
2009 OUTLET, Paris-Photo09, Galerie du Jour Agnès b, Paris, France.
Gallery Karsten Greve : Catalogue Louise Bourgeois, Cologne, Germany
2008 HEADSHOTS, Galerie Praz Delavallade (Samy Abraham) Paris
KICKSTART, LIPF08, Lianzhou, China.

In her oil paintings Toos van Holstein uses her rich fantasy to create a completely own world, full of colours, full of influences of the many cultures on earth, but always recognizable.
Toos van Holstein (1949) studied art and art history at the Academy in Tilburg, where she received her diploma in 1978. She taught aesthetics from 1970 to 1990. In 1983 she had her first exhibition of oil paintings.
van Kleef, Jose
José van Kleef (1956, Utrecht) mainly works with human, animal and natural subjects and tries to express the longing for a world that no longer exists, a resistance against hectic modern life. Van Kleef paints a world that she would like to see around her. She does not execute a pre-fixed plan, but creates that world during the painting process.
van Manen, Hans

Hans van Manen (born 11 July 1932 in Nieuwer-Amstel, Netherlands) is a Dutch ballet dancer, choreographer and photographer.

Van Rensburg, Derric
Derric van Rensburg, internationally renowned for his superb impressionist paintings, is widely rated as one of South Africa’s top artists. He is well known for his colourful landscapes, the vineyards of the Western Cape, abstract wildlife and the use of bright acrylic colours in these paintings.
Vance, David

For more than 30 years, David Vance has enjoyed a successful career photographing advertising and editorial assignments for Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, Interview, Men's Health, Rolling Stone, Tennis, Uomo and Harper's Bazaar, Italia.

Sara VanDerBeek was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1976 and studied at The Cooper Union School of Art and Science in New York. Her father was the experimental film maker, Stan VanDerBeek, who died when she was just seven. VanDerBeek’s semi-abstract photographs are based mostly on sculptural forms created by the artist.
Vantongerloo, Georges

Georges Van

Vasarely, Victor
From Wikipedia: Vasarely was born in Pécs and grew up in (then Pöstyén) and Budapest where in 1925 he took up medical studies at Budapest University. In 1927 he abandoned medicine to learn traditional academic painting at the private Podolini-Volkmann Academy. In 1928/1929, he enrolled at Sándor Bortnyik's műhely (lit.

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist. She was born in Paris in 1971 and now lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.[1] Her participation in the 2005 edition of the Venice Biennale affirmed her career within the international art circuit with the piece A Noiva (The Bride), a 20 ft. high chandelier made of over 25,000 OB tampons.

Vaux, Jacquie
Jacquie creates paintings that transform your bare walls into a natural paradise. Her paintings can take you to a place where you can experience the glory of nature, with all its amazing animals and plants. Ms.
Veenstra, Anton
EXHIBITIONS Hands On, Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea Tamworth Textile Trienniale Miniartextil Cosmo, Paris, Venice Miniartextil Cosmo Como, Italy 2009 My Place, The Society of Arts and Crafts NSW, The Rocks 2009 New Social Commentary 08 Warrnambool Gallery Brave New Worlds, Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 30th Anniversary Survey Show, Tap Gallery Darlin
Veilhan, Xavier

Xavier Veilhan (1963) is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. His work consists of photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art.

vel, sev
Velasco, Jose Maria
José María Velasco (Temascalcingo, 6 July 1840 – Mexico City, 26 August 1912) was a Mexican painter of the 19th century who made Mexican geography a symbol of national identity through of his paintings.
Velka, Stella
Stella Velka was born 7.8.1965 in Nitra, Slovak Republic. Her family lived in little village Melek, when she was child. In her teenager age Velka's family moved to interesting village Mojmírovce, near city Nitra, where her family still lives. Nowadays Velka has been with her husband and sons for more then 20 years in city Martin.
Venet, Bernar

Verlain, Paul

Paul-Marie Verlaine  (30 March 1844 – 8 January 1896) was a French poet associated with the Symbolist movement. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of the fin de siècle in international and French poetry.