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Ehle, Michael
Michael Ehle (pronounced Ale, like the beer) was born in Salinas, California. His mother worked in a library and his father was a paint and wallpaper salesman as well as an amateur artist. After briefly attending community college, Ehle came to the Northwest to enroll in Bible College, as he intended to become a missionary.
Ehrmann, Gilles
Gilles Ehrmann (Born 1928, Metz - died 2005) Important Photographer known for portraits of Picasso. Pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Gilles Ehrmann se réfugie avec sa mère à Avignon, où il souvient de ses débuts au théâtre (il joue dans Werther et est figurant dans Carmen). De 1946 à 1949, il étudie à l’École nationale supérieure des Arts dé
Eichstaedt, rudolf
the artist is rudolf eichstaedt from berlin born at 1857 and died 1924 awards for the artist: in 1882 he received fo the painting the good samaritan the great state prize of the royal prussian academy of arts for a tow year stay in italy in 1894 he recived for the painting blucher recieves 1815 to genappe the capture medals,hat and swords of napo
Eichstaedt, Rudolf
Rudolf Eichstaedt (born April 20, 1857 in Berlin, † 1924) was a German genre, portrait and historical painter. He became famous for his painting Viktoria! - The Return of the Quadriga 1814. It represents the acclaimed collection of stolen by Napoleon and dar.
Portrait painter Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl is thought to have been born in 1788 in New York City.
Elgort, Arthur
Elias, Sheila

Sheila Eilas is a contemporary American artist living and working in Miami.

Artist's statement,

"My work is about the layers of life and art history, seeking in it a connection between art aesthetics and social consciousness.

Eliasson, Olafur

Olafur Eliasson (born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation art employing elemental materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Eliasson, Olafur

Olafur Eliasson (born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish-Icelandic artist.

Elizabeth, Adele
Guerilla Film Maker, Artist and Player
Born in Pittsburgh, PA on Feb. 4, 1905. Kaiser studied at the Carnegie Institute and earned a master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. During 1927-28 she studied jewelry and drawing at the Long Island estate of Louis Comfort Tiffany. By the mid-1930s she had moved to San Diego.
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Elliott, Caleb
My name is Caleb Elliott, owner and founder of Wx-Pilot.com. I am a husband, a father to three wonderful children, a commercial pilot, certified flight instructor, and photographer. I am also a storm chaser and weather enthusiast and have been fascinated by weather and its power from an early age.
Ellul, Jeremy
Jeremy Ellul's first memories in art go back to his early school days where even though he thoroughly enjoyed his art lessons, he found it difficult to execute what was asked of him. A considerable amount of time then passed until the early years of the new millennium. It was then following, a surf trip to St.
Elmgreen & Dragset, Michael and Ingar

Michael Elmgreen (born 1961; Copenhagen, Denmark) and Ingar Dragset (born 1968; Trondheim, Norway) are artist-collaborators since 1995 and their work explores the relationship between art, architecture and design.

Biography Emile Munier was born in Paris on June 2, 1840 and lived with his family at 66 rue des Fossés, St Marcel.
Emin, Tracey
Tracey Emin RA (Born 1963) The "Enfant Terrible" of Modern British art! Tracey Karima Emin RA (born 3 July 1963 in Croydon) is an English artist and part of the group known as Britartists or YBAs (Young British Artists). In 1997, her work Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995, a tent appliquéd with names, was shown at Charles Saatchi's Sens
Emmerich, Hadassah
Hadassah Emmerich plays a discordant symphony of colonialised exoticism within compositions of schizophrenic painted foliage. A space where hyperreal mysticism enchants the viewer with a plethora of figures entangled in all consuming euphoria.
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Engerbers, Everett

Everett Engbers has been involved with photography since the early 1970's when I learned darkroom technique while serving in the military. After attending a commercial photography school in New York I continued my studies after moving to the west coast attending a variety of workshops.

Enwright, J.J.
J.J. Enwright (pseudonym for Hjalmar "Cappy" Amundsen) He was born Caspar Hjalmar Emerson III in New York City in 1911, and in 1946 legally changed his name to Hjalmar Amundsen in honor of his great-uncle, explorer Roald Amundsen, who located the magnetic center of the South Pole the year his great-nephew was born.
Epstein, Mitch
EDUCATIONThe Cooper Union, NY, 1972-74
Rhode Island School of Design, RI, 1971-72
Union College, NY, 1970-71

Escobar, Juan
Juan Escobar’s work is based on the practice of representation and appropriation as a visual strategy to interpret relationships between the individual and the artwork in spaces of production and artistic exhibition. His projects explores the possibilities of painting and drawing as a media to build images that allows references identification of a
Essenhigh, Inka

Inka Essenhigh (born 1969 Bellefonte, Pennsylvania) is a painter based in New York.

 Artist Inka Essenhigh in New York City. Essenhigh studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio (1991) and the School of Visual Arts in New York (1993).

Essick, Todd
Todd Gary Essick was raised in the Chicago area, spending summers in Ocean City, New Jersey and Winter breaks in South Florida, where he first became enchanted with the sea as a child. After moving to Florida he attended a commercial art school.
Estevez, Carlos
Estévez, Carlos (1969) Havana, Cuba Education 1992 Instituto Superior de Arte, La Habana, Cuba, 1991 Taller de Cine, Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, La Habana, Cuba.
Estrella, Rebecca
A designer is only as good as the work he or she produces. It reflects on the quality of their thinking, as well as attention to aesthetics, functionality and execution of projects. When you Reach For Estrella, you reach for the stars that help you shine, that’s why Rebecca Estrella is proud of the work she has done in every medium.
Eugene, Frank



Evans, Leo
American Painter, Poet, peaceful and private man. Name: Leo Evans Born: February 20 1956 ~ Hollywood, California Attended: Manual Arts H.S.
Evergood, Philip
Philip Evergood was born in New York City on October 26, 1901. His father, an artist named Meyer Blashki, was an Australian Jew of Polish descent who had emigrated to the United States, but his mother was a member of a well-to-do Anglican family who was determined to have her son educated in her native England.
Eversley, Frederick

Frederick Eversley was born in Brooklyn in 1941. He originally worked in the engineering and aerospace industry before joining the artist community in Venice, California, in 1964.

Evgeny, Lushpin
Michangelo, DaVinci, Dutch Masters, Vermeer... They were all great painters of light. Visionairies who changed the way the world looked at art. And now, the torch has been passed.
Valie Export (often written as 'VALIE EXPORT') (born May 17, 1940 in Linz as Waltraud Lehner, later Waltraud Hollinger) is an Austrian artist.
Ezawa, Kota

Kota Ezawa (German, born 1969) recontextualizes images from art history and popular culture in animated videos, slide projections, light boxes, collages, and works on paper. Ezawa believes that “it is more interesting to look at something you know than to look at something you don’t know.”

Fabe, Robert
Robert Fabe was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1917, and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began the study of painting with his father, a talented amateur. He took art courses at Withrow High School, in Cincinnati (1932-1936) in conjuction with the Art Academy of Cincinnati.
Fabelo, Roberto
Roberto Fabelo Pérez Guáimaro, Camagüey, January 28, 1950 Painter, draftsman, engraver, illustrator and sculptor Art Studies 1971-76 National School of Art (ena), La Habana, Cuba. 1976-81 Higher Institute of Art (isa), La Habana, Cuba. He has been a teacher in the three national levels of artistic ed-ucation.
Faber, Arthur
A student at Cooper Union Art School, the National Academy of Design, and the Art Students League, Arthur Faber was a modernist painter born in Philadelphia. He exhibited at the Salons of the American Society of Independent Artists and the Whitney Museum of American Art from 1918 to 1927.
Faber, Hermann
Born in Germany, Hermann Faber came to the United States in 1854 and worked for the Surgeon General during the Civil War as a medical illustrator to keep a record of the war.
Faber, Josephine
Born in Fresno, CA on Nov. 3, 1891. Faber was active in both Fresno and in the Netherlands. She studied in the latter with D. Bakels and H. P. van der Haar. In 1946 she married J. Phaff. She died in Wassenaar, Netherlands in 1967.
Faberge, Theo
Theo Faberge (London, 26 September 1922 - 20 August 2007) was the grandson of Peter Carl Faberge. His father Nicholas Faberge, Carl’s youngest son, arrived in London in 1906 to help run the only branch of ‘The House of Faberge’ outside Russia, in Dover Street, London.
Fabert, Jacques
Jacques Fabert, born Paris, France, studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. Jacques has been featured in many one-man and group shows in the USA and abroad. An impressive number of his works are part of many private and corporate collections all over the world.
Fabian, Lydia
Lydia Dunham Smith Fabian (1857-1947) Absent from any exhibitions for a number of years, Lydia Dunham Fabian, an accomplished artist and somewhat of a world traveler, presented 34 of her latest oil paintings at an exhibition held at Newcomb, Macklin & Company, Chicago, in August of 1923.
Fabien, Louis
Louis Fabien was born January 18, 1924 in L'Isle-Jourdain in the French department of Vienne. Fabien is a self-taught figurative painter who uses a modern form of pointillism in his colorful paintings. Fabien has exhibited artwork in Paris salon shows and has had one-man shows in France, the United States, Japan, England and Germany.
Fabiilli, Luciana
Luciana Fabiilli is an Italian Canadian Artist who was awarded permanent residency As An Artist Of ExtraOrdinary Ability in the United States. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Degree from York University in Toronto.
Fabilli, Mary
Born in Gardiner, NM on Feb. 16, 1914. Fabilli moved to California in 1922 and grew up on a farm near Delano. In 1937 she settled in Berkeley and entered UC where she was a pupil of Neuhaus, Boynton, Ryder, and O’Hagan. For 30 years she was a curator at the Oakland Museum. As well as an artist, she is also known for her poetry.
Fabius, Alan
The following is from the artist who describes himself : "I have happily spent 41 years trying to satisfy a constant urge to create Art." To me "Art" is more than just an image and "Great Art" in some unique way provokes an emotional response." These urges gave birth to "Visual Images" an Art Company Fabius started in 1982.
Fabre, Jan

Jan Fabre (born 1958, Antwerp, Belgium) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist, playwright, stage director, choreographer and designer.

Fabri, Ralph
Artist, author, editor, teacher and book reviewer for American Artist magazine, Ralph Fabri was born and educated in Budapest, Hungary. He earned his B.A. degree at the Royal State Gymnasium, studied architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology, and in 1918, earned his M.A. degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
Faiers, Edward Spencer (Ted)

Edward Faiers (1908-1985) A major contributor to the arts in Memphis from the 1950s until his death in 1985, Edward Spencer Faiers was significant as a teacher and an artist. He moved to Memphis in 1952 and joined the faculty of the Memphis Academy of Art (now the Memphis College of Art).

Fairey, Shepard
Frank Shepard Fairey (born February 15, 1970) is an American contemporary graphic designer, and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. He first became known for his "André the Giant Has a Posse" (…OBEY…) sticker campaign, in which he appropriated images from the comedic supermarket tabloid Weekly World News.
Fairey, Shepard
Probably the most success American Street artist, with his controversial portrait of Obama in the National Portrait Gallery.
Fairy, Shepard
American street artist with controversial Obama portrait in National Portrait Gallery.
Falkenstein, Claire

Claire Falkenstein (July 22, 1908 – October 23, 1997) was an American sculptor, painter, printmaker, jewelry designer, and teacher, most renowned for her often large-scale abstract metal and glass public sculptures.

Born to a Russian mother and a French father, who was a portrait painter and drawing teacher, Henri Fantin-Latour became a well known French painter and lithographer in the classical tradition of the Old Masters. He moved with his family to Paris from Grenoble in1841 and early took lessons from his father, Théodore Fantin-Latour.
Farber, Neil
A Winnipeg based artist, Farber is a member of the Royal Art Lodge, and was part of the 2004 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, entitled "The Royal Lodge: Ask the Dusk". Taking a simple but expressive line drawing style that is reminiscent of children's book illustrations, Neil Farber's work blurs the boundary betwen childh
Fassianos, Alecos
Fassianos studied violin at the Athens Conservatory and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts from 1956 to 1960 where he was taught from Yannis Moralis. He then went to Paris on a French State scholarship (1962–1964) where he attended lessons on lithography along with Clairin and Caroline Chariot-Dayez.
Fautrier, Jean
Jean Fautrier (May 16, 1898 – July 21, 1964) was a French painter and sculptor. He was one of the most important practitioners of Tachisme*. He was born in Paris. Given his unwed mother's surname, he was raised by his grandmother until her death in 1908, when he went to live with his mother in London.
Feininger, Lyonel

Lyonel Charles Feininger (July 17, 1871 – January 13, 1956) was a German-American painter and caricaturist.

Feininger, Andreas

Andreas Bernhard Lyonel Feininger (27 December 1906 - 18 February 1999) was a German American photographer, and writer on photographic technique, noted for his dynamic black-and-white scenes of Manhattan and studies of the structure of natural objects.

Felix, Lafortune
Born 1933 in Pontsonde, Haiti. Lafortune Felix lives in St. Marc where he is a farmer and formally a voodoo priest. Through the wall paintings which he decorated his temple, he came to the attention of Pierre Monosiet, the late curator of the St. Pierre College Museum of Haitian Art.
Fellows, Fred
Living in Sonoita, Arizona, Fred Fellows is a painter and sculptor who works in realist style. He was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma, where he was influenced by the cultures of the Otoe and Osage Indians, whose reservations were nearby.
Ferama's artistic direction experienced a decisive turn while she was in West-Africa where she learned the lost wax method, a bronze founding technique. Working in her own studio later in Bamako, Mali gave an African and earthy influence to her work which is seen in her current sculptures.
Ferber, Herbert
Herbert Ferber (born Herbert Ferber Silvers, April 30, 1906 – August 20, 1991) was an American sculptor and painter, born in New York City. He began his independent artistic studies in New York in 1926 at evening classes at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design, while attending Columbia University Dental School.
Ferlingere, Scott & Sharon
Eagle People USA. Designers of a magnificently detailed, individually crafted, one-of-a-kind symbol of strength and freedom. Each piece is a superb example of American folk art, available for purchase directly from the artists. Scott and Sharon Ferlingere.
Ferlito, Gabriella
Gabriella Ferlito nasce a Ccatania dove vive e lavora. Partecipa a diverse collettive, e nel 2007 inaugura la sua prima personale, presso la Galleria Dietro le Quinte, Catania, con testo di Francesco Nicolosi Fazio. La sua ricerca parte dalla riflessione sulla dualità dell’essere umano che percorre la sua evoluzione cercando un equilibrio tra mater
Fernandez, Teresita
Teresita Fernández (born Miami, 1968) is a contemporary sculptor and artist based in New York. A recipient of the 2005 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Fellowship", Fernández's work is characterized by an interest in perception and the psychology of looking.
Ferren, John Millard

John Ferren (1905-1970)

Born in Pendleton, Oregon, in 1905, and raised in California, John Ferren briefly attended art school in San Francisco. While serving as an apprentice to an Italian stonecutter, he began sculpting portrait heads in clay.

Ferreyros, Juliana
Juliana Ferreyros was born an artist by heart, mind and soul in Cali- Colombia (South America). Since she was in school Ferreyros felt herself attracted to; the magic of color, painting, designing, creating and writing. When in high school she won several contest in these creative areas.
Filipepi, Allesandro
Sandro Botticelli was the youngest son of Mariano Filipepi; he was born in Florence, Italy in 1445. His name was really Allessandro de Mariano Filipepi. Botticelli was really just a nickname, meaning "little barrel" and was originally bestowed on his older brother.
Fine, Perle

Perle Fine (1908–1988) was among the most prominent female artists associated with American Abstract Expressionism.

Finster, Howard
The Rev. Howard Finster produced more than 46,000 pieces of art prior to his death at age 84. He was a man possessed, not by demons, but by the need to create art. He was a self-proclaimed “man of visions” who put his visions into his colorful folk art. Curator Glen C.