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Yamamoto, Takato

Takato Yamamoto was born in Akita prefecture (Japan) in 1960. After graduating from the painting department of the Tokyo Zokei University, he experimented with the Ukiyo-e Pop style. He further refined and developed that style to create his “Heisei Esthiticism” style. His first exhibition was held in Tokyo, in 1998

Yan, Pei-Ming

Yan Pei-Ming {Family name is Yan} is a Chinese painter born in 1960 in Shanghai. Since 1982 he has lived in Dijon, France. His most famous paintings are "epic-sized" portraits of Mao Zedong worked out in black and white or red and white.

Yanes, Alex
Alex Yanes was born in Miami , July 20th 1977. His art is characterized by the romanticism and sublimeness of its color, content, and the deliberate precision of its form and lines. It is the duality between the conceptual and the graphical that makes his art both inspiring and accessible.
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Working Artist currently based out of Maryland, USA. Nov. 24, 1987 - present Influences include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Marc Silvestri, and others. Interests that may have an effect on work began at a very young age.
Yasunobu, Kano
Brother of Kano Tan’yu and Kano Naonobu. He received his formal instruction as a painter from Kano Koi, who had also taught his brothers.
Yavorsky, Sveta
SVETA YAVORSKY Sveta Yavorsky studied art and architecture at the Moscow University of Architecture, and at the private studios of her uncle and mother, who were both professional artists, skilled in the crafting of murals and mosaics.
YC, Fannie

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YE, Ermelinda
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Yellin, Dustin

Dustin Yellin (born Los Angeles, July 22, 1975) is a contemporary artist living in New York.

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Yeo, Jonathan

Jonathan Yeo (born London, 18 December 1970) is a British artist who rose to international prominence in the 2000s as a contemporary portraitist, responsible for paintings of Dennis Hopper, Prince Philip, Erin O'Connor, Tony Blair, and David Cameron among his sitters.

Yeros, Dimitris

Dimitris Yeros, Artist-Photographer(born 1948)

YH, Laurence

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YI, Bettina

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YK, Antoinette

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YM, Lasonya

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YO, Kayleigh

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YO, Gwendolyn

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Yoga In Follow, Clarence

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Yoshida, Hiroshi
Hiroshi Yoshida (September 19, 1876 - April 5, 1950) was a 20th century Japanese painter and woodblock print maker. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the shin hanga style, and is noted especially for his excellent landscape prints.
Yoshitoshi, Tsukioka
Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (30 April 1839 – 9 June 1892) was a Japanese artist. He is widely recognized as the last great master of Ukiyo-e, a type of Japanese woodblock printing. He is additionally regarded as one of the form's greatest innovators.
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