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Uecker, Gunther

Günther Uecker, also known as Guenther Uecker, (born 13 March 1930) is a German sculptor.

Ueda, Fuco
Fuco Ueda is a Japanese artist who paints with acrylic (which she thins to achieve a watercolor effect) and powdered mineral pigments on paper, cloth, and on wood. Her paintings describe a bizzare world, dominated by female characters, and various nature elements (animals, marine fauna, flowers, bees, mushrooms etc.).
Ufan, Lee

Lee Ufan (born 1936 in Haman County, in South Kyongsang province in Korea) is a minimalist painter and sculptor, artist, and academic.

ugurtan, seba
Seba Ugurtan She was born in İstanbul in 1956. During her high-school years she worked at the State Museum of Art and Sculpture at Cavit Atmaca’s studio, and during her university education, she worked at the studios of significant artists like Şeref Bigalı, Fahri Sever and İbrahim Bozkuş.
Umrani, Rizwan
Rizwan Ali Umrani 12 February 1938 Abstract / Modern Painter Born: 12 February, 1938; Larkana, sindh, India Resides: Mother Gallery Larkana, Pakistan Education: 1962 Government College Larkana, B.A Exhibitions Solo 1994 Pakistan National Council of the A
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URL, Nelly
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