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Taebi, Afsaneh
Born in Kashan, Afsaneh Taebi spent her childhood years in Qom, Jiroft, Kohnouj, Bam and Sirjan. In high school Taebi began her courses in calligraphy and worked with such masters as Mohammad Mirzaee. As a teenager Taebi turned to photography and animation work and went on to participate in programs in the film studios of Kerman.
Tafoya, Janis
My name is Janis Tafoya... I live in Farmington, N.M., and have lived in this area most of my life. I started painting after retirement and it has become my sole passion...
tafoya, janis
My name is Janis Tafoya. I live in Farmington, New Mexico and paint in traditional oils. My creative outlet directs the artwork, expressing feelings and emotions that words cannot express....please enjoy my artwork and I hope that in this turbulent world, with so many changes and problems, that it will give you a sense of peace.
Tafoya, Janis
I live in Farmington, N.M., and have lived in this area most of my life. I started painting after retirement and it has become my sole passion...
Taggart, Ginette
Daniel and Ginette Taggart founded Les Ateliers Taggart in 1974. It began as a small studio in Bois Verna, Port-au-Prince. The team was responsible for countless innovations, and contributed greatly to what the best of Haitian arts and crafts is today.
Tahir, Abbas
I am syed Tahir Abbas Rizvi. I am artist. My art work is the story of my own personal journey. The work comes from dreams, visions, and exploring my own imagination. Artist doesn’t need to wait for inspiration. His inner self can make him paint anytime. Ideas come to my mind and color scheme & shapes are surroundings.
Taiga, Ike
To his contemporaries Ike Taiga was an eccentric marvel, an artist who lived according to the promptings of his own inner voice, indifferent to the worldly preoccupations of those around him.
Takahata, Sanae

Born in Maebashi City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan; Sanae Takahata began showing her work in Paris in 1977. In 1981 she moved to New York City and showed her work under contract with the Zoma Gallery. She has also shown her work in Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto. 

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Takis, Vassilakis

Takis is a leader of the Kinetic movement and a precursor of Street Art Performance. Mainly working with light and magnetic energy, he gave form to series of 'Signals', 'Music Sculptures' and 'Tele- and Hydro-Magnetic Sculptures'.

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Tallon, Roger

Roger Tallon
b. 1929 Paris

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Tanguy, Yves

Raymond Georges Yves Tanguy (January 5, 1900 – January 15, 1955), known as Yves Tanguy, was a French surrealist painter. Tanguy was born in Paris, France, the son of a retired navy captain. His parents were both of Breton origin.

Tansey, Mark
Mark Tansey (born 1949- in San Jose, California) is an American postmodern painter best known for monochromatic works, elaborate paintings incorporating hidden text, images and symbols and his invented "color wheel" approach to painting, in which a large, wooden wheel consisting of three rows of ambiguous words is spun—the results noted for Tansey'
Tàpies, Antoni

Antoni Tàpies i Puig, 1st Marquess of Tàpies (13 December 1923 – 6 February 2012) was a Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist. He became one of the most famous European artists of his generation.

Tarassova, Anastasia
Née en Russie en 1981, dans une famille artistique, d'un père artiste, et d'une mère professeur de musique, Anastasia, très jeune prouve de sa créativité. Elle écrit des mises en scènes en apprenant le français en Russie. Elle joue du piano et fait de la danse classique.
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Tarkhanov, Mikhail Mikhailovich (Tarkhan, Mykhailo Mykhailovych)

Ukrainian and Russian Soviet Avant-garde graphic artist. Born in Zen'kovo (Poltava Region, Ukraine). Lived in Ukraine, than in Moscow. Studied in VKhUTEMAS.

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Taylor, John
Raised on the Connecticut seacoast, and now living in Southern California, John Taylor obsessively resurrects forgotten vessels of America's maritime fleet. Spontaneously using materials at hand, found, and brought to him, he seeks the tipping point between the reality of objects and their ability to act as a nautical time portal.
Tchaikof, Joseph

CHAIKOV, Iosif Moisevich [Joseph Tchaikov] (b. 1888-1952)

Jan te Wierik a great artist that left the world of art too early. The interest for his work is emerging out of every corner in the Netherlands. His works have an explosive impact on many. At the surface his work refers to a combination of CoBrA inspiration and childhood fables.
Teague, Donald
Born in Brooklyn, New York on Nov. 27, 1897, Donald Teague studied at the Art Students League in NYC under George Bridgman, Dean Cornwell, and Frank DuMond and, after serving in WWI, with Norman Wilkinson in England. He moved to California in 1938 and lived in Encino until 1949 when he settled in Carmel.
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