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Maar, Dora

Dora Maar (November 22, 1907 – July 16, 1997) was a French photographer, poet and painter of Croatian descent, best known for being a lover and muse of Pablo Picasso.

Maass, David
David Maass, essentially a self-taught wildlife illustrator, was born on November 27, 1929 in Rochester, Minnesota. As a youngster he rescued wounded birds and raised pigeons in his home. Also, there was a tradition of hunting in his family as his mother Ora was a Minnesota state trap-shooting champion.
MacDonald, Richard
A sculptor of realist figures, many of them engaged in sporting, Richard MacDonald is a resident of California where he has many pieces installed including a 15-foot monumental work for the Pebble Beach, California, Golf Resort to commemorate the history of that place. In 2001, MacDonald was commissioned by the Mayor's Office of San Francisco to c
MacKenzie, Warren
MacKenzie's defining moment leading to his life's work began while he was a student at The Art Institute of Chicago when he came across a simple and practical book on pottery written by renowned English potter Bernard Leach. MacKenzie became Leach's apprentice in 1950 and lived with Leach for two and a half years.
Maclet, Elisee
Born in Lihons-en-Santerre April 12, 1881, Elisée Maclet began his career as something of a ‘Sunday painter’, who experimented in oil painting. He moved to Montmartre in 1906. At that point he began doing paintings of the Montmartre landscape—anticipating the themes that Utrillo would eventually depict in his work.
Birney Quick was born in Proctor, Minnesota in 1912. From 1930 to 1933, Quick studied at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston and graduated with honors. Continuing his studies, he was awarded the Tiffany Fellowship for two years and placed second in the Chaloner Fellowship.
MacNeil, Brian
Brian MacNeil is an artist of great talent and imagination and is one of the new generation of Realist painters that are the new avant-garde in the art world.
Maeda, Seison
Seison Maeda (January 27, 1885 - October 29, 1977) was the pseudonym of a nihonga painter in Taishō and Shōwa period Japan. His real name was Maeda Renzō. He is considered one of the greatest contemporary Japanese painters, and one of the founders of the Nihonga movement. Maeda was born in what is now Nakatsugawa city, Gifu Prefecture in 1885.
Maier, Vivian

Vivian Dorothea Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was an American street photographer, who was born in New York City and spent much of her childhood in France.

Maillol, Aristide
Aristide Maillol was born in Banyuls, France in 1861. Maillol's early career was spent mainly as a tapestry designer, but he also painted. Although he first made sculpture in 1895, it was only in 1900 that he decided to devote himself to it after serious eyestrain made him give up tapestry.
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Malani, Nalini
Nalini Malani's work is influenced by her experiences as a refugee of the Partition of India. She places inherited iconographies and cherished cultural stereotypes under pressure. Her point of view is unwaveringly urban and internationalist, and unsparing in its condemnation of a cynical nationalism that exploits the beliefs of the masses.
Malevich, Kazimir

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (February 23, 1879 – May 15, 1935) was a Russian painter and art theoretician, born in Ukraine of ethnic Polish parents. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Avant-garde Suprematist movement.

Maloof, Sam
Sam Maloof (born Samuel Solomon Maloof) (January 24, 1916 - May 21, 2009) was a furniture designer and woodworker.
Maluka, Mustafa

Mustafa Maluka (born November 21, 1976, Cape Town, South Africa) is an artist and cultural analyst. He is known for theatrically confronting the intersection of contemporary critical theory and global politics with his provocative large-scale portraits.

Manet, Édouard
Édouard Manet was a French painter. One of the first nineteenth century artists to approach modern-life subjects, he was a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.
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Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1961, and was raised in Bogotá, Colombia, and Chicago, Illinois.

Manguin, Henri
Henri Manguin was born in Paris on March 23, 1874. Late in 1894 he entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts to study under Gustave Moreau. He became good friends with his fellow students Albert Marquet, Henri Matisse and Jean Puy. Like his companions, Manguin made copies of Renaissance art in the Louvre.
Mansurov, Pavel


Pavel Andreevitch Mansurov was born on March 26, 1896 in St. Petersburg. He died in 1983. During infancy, in Pavlovsk, in a region of Techistopol, a province of Kazan, the family lived in a home in the country.

Manuel, Victor
Born in Havana, at age 6 he already showed a precocious attitude for drawing. At age 12, he started studying arts at San Alejandro Art School, the most recognized art school in Cuba.
Mapplethorpe, Robert

Robert Mapplethorpe (November 4, 1946 – March 9, 1989) was an American photographer, known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits, photos of flowers and naked men. The frank, homosexual eroticism of some of the work of his middle period triggered a more general controversy about the public funding of artworks.

Mar, Pepe

Pepe Mar was born in Mexico and lives and works in Miami, Florida. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts (CCA), San Francisco and is currently enrolled in his second year in Florida International University's MFA program.

Marca-Relli, Conrad (Corrado)

Conrad Marca-Relli (born Corrado Marcarelli; June 5, 1913 Boston – August 29, 2000 Parma) was an American artist who belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist artists whose artistic innovation by the 1950s had been recognized across the Atlantic, including Paris.

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Marcheschi, Jean-Paul
Jean - Paul Marcheschi is a French Born artist living and working in Paris. He is working using candles, fire ans wax as a others artists would use paint and brushed.
Marclay, Christian

Christian Marclay (b. 11 January 1955, San Rafael, California, USA) is a Swiss-American visual artist and composer.

Marcoussis, Louis

Louis Marcoussis, formerly Ludwik Kazimierz Wladyslaw Markus or Ludwig Casimir Ladislas Markus, (1878 or 1883, Warsaw – October 22, 1941) was a painter and engraver of Polish origin who lived in Paris for much of his life and became a French citizen.

Born in Karachi to a German mother and an Indian father, Mardi grew up in a highly multicultural suburb of Toronto and now lives with her family on the wild Canadian coast of British Columbia. She began painting in 2003 aided by her genius aptitude for spatial mathematics. Her bold expansive works engage themes of balance and energy.
Marin, John

John Marin (December 23, 1870 - October 2, 1953) born in Rutherford, New Jersey, was an early American modernist artist. He was known for his abstract landscapes and watercolors.

John Marin grew up in Weehawken, New Jersey, and attended the Stevens Institute of Technology for a year.

Marinko, George

In the early 1930s, George Marinko (1908-1989), was known as one of the most pure surrealists of all the American artists pursuing that pioneering style.  He also did automatic drawing that revealed through his personal complex symbolism his interest in mythology and psycho-analysis.  Many of his works had allusions to the tempt

Maritz, Hugo
“Inspiration is a myth…inspiration only happens when one pushes oneself with a mixture of intellect, emotion and very hard work. With art, you have to give everything. I spend my time meditating or painting.
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Markus, Kurt


Kurt Markus, self-taught American photographer, was born April 6, 1947, in Montana. Markus is a nationally and internationally published photographer of "unique vision."

Mars, Peter
Inspired by wallpaper, candy wrappers, billboards and match packs, this influential American Pop Artist enters his third decade of art creation.
Marshall, Kerry James

Kerry James Marshall (born October 17, 1955) is an artist born in Birmingham, Alabama. He grew up in South Central Los Angeles and now lives in Chicago, where he previously taught at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a 1978 graduate of Otis College of Art and Design.

Martin, Darius
Martin, Cameron
Cameron Martin was born in 1970 in Seattle, Washington. He received a B.A. in Semiotics from Brown University and studied at the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York.
Martinez, Harry

Harry Martinez is a contemporary South Florida based design consultant.

Harry Martinez

Principal & Owner at Studio 33 Interiors, LLC.

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Design


Principal & Owner at Studio 33 Interiors, LLC.


Senior Designer at Interiors by Steven G

Martyr, Will
Will Martyr is a London based artist who graduated from Slade School of Fine Art (BA) in 2002, and the Royal College of Art (MA) in 2007. Having studied in New York and London, ‘The City’ and its environment has always played a central role within Martyr’s work.
Masanobu, Kano
Kanō Masanobu (1434? – 1530) was the chief painter of the Ashikaga shogunate and is generally considered the founder of the Kanō school of painting which is the most influential in Japanese history with a 400 year dominance that is peerless in world history.
Masarié, Herta
Mason, Alden
Nationally recognized artist Alden Mason was born in Everett, Washington and grew up in the natural surroundings of the Skagit Valley. Mason attended the University of Washington and majored in zoology – but then turned to art. He received his BFA in 1942 and continued on to receive an MFA in 1947.
Masriadi, Nyoman

Nyoman Masriadi, Indonesian painter, is one of Indonesia's most prominent contemporary artists.

Masson, André

The painter and graphic artist André Masson was born in Balagny, a village on Ile de France. In 1904 Masson moved to Brussels where he attended the academy of fine arts. In 1912 André Masson went to Paris.

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Matisse, Henri
Henri Matisse (1869-1954) Very important School of Paris artist
Matisse, Henri

Matta, Roberto

Roberto Antonio Sebastián Matta Echaurren was born on November 11, 1911 in Santiago, Chile. Matta was educated in his native country as an architect and interior designer at the Sacré Coeur Jesuit

Max, Peter

Mayet, Jorge

Jorge Mayet (born in 1962, in La Habana, Cuba) lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

LILIA MAZURKEVICH Lilia Mazurkevich was born in Belarus in 1966. She studied at Kiev College of Arts and Design Ukraine 1984-87 and City & Guilds Art School London 1998-99.
McCarthy, Paul

Paul McCarthy was born in 1945 in Salt Lake City. He studied at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City (1968–69); earned a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (1969) and an MFA from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1972); and was a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (1984–2003).

McCollum, Allan

Allan McCollum is a contemporary American artist who was born in Los Angeles, California in 1944, and now lives and works in New York City. In 1975, his work was included in the Whitney Biennial, and he moved to New York City that same year. In the late seventies he became especially well known for his series, Surrogate Paintings.

McCracken, John

John McCracken, was an American artist (born 1934- died April 8, 2011) who fused painting and sculpture in works that variously exemplified the mid-20th century L.A. Cool School, Finish Fetish and Minimalism, .

McCrea, Derek
Biography of Derek McCrea My main gallery site is at http://www.derekmccrea.50megs.com Derek McCrea is a US Army Infantry Combat Soldier with two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division, and this is his stress relief. He has always loved to paint; it allows him to express emotions on paper and relax.
RB McGrath Artist/ Painter Painting style: Eclectic. Contemporary Realism, Impressionism, Abstract Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape and Marine Selected Corporate and Public Collections: William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, Choctaw Bldg.
McNeil, George

George McNeil (1908-1995) had a career that spanned the entire postwar American art era. McNeil attended Pratt Institute and the Art Students’ League, where he studied with Jan Matulka. From 1932-36, he studied with Hans Hofmann, becoming Hofmann's studio classroom monitor.

McNeil, C S

Self-taught Canadian figurative artist, C.S. McNeil, specializes in acrylic nudes, mixed media paintings, and commissioned portraiture. She divides her time between her home in Toronto Canada and her studio-away-from-home in South Beach, Miami.

McQueen, John
John McQueen was born in Oakland, Illinois. He earned a BA at the University of South Florida, Tampa (1971) and an MFA at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University (1975). He received a several fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts (1977, 1979 and 1986).
Meatyard, Ralph Eugene

Ralph Eugene Meatyard (May 15, 1925 – May 7, 1972) was an American photographer, from Normal, Illinois.

Medeci, Anna Maria Luisa

Anna Maria

Mehretu, Julie

Julie Mehretu was born in 1970 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She studied at University Cheik Anta Diop, Dakar (1990–91), earning a BA from Kalamazoo College, Michigan (1992), and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (1997).

Mehta, Tyeb
Tayyabb Mehta (25 July 1925 – 2 July 2009) was a noted Indian painter. He was part of the noted Bombay Progressive Artists' Group, which included greats like F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza and M.F.
Mehta, Tyeb
Tayyabb Mehta (25 July 1925 – 2 July 2009) was a noted Indian painter. He was part of the noted Bombay Progressive Artists' Group, which included greats like F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza and M.F.
Mellery, Xavier

Xavier Mellery (August 9, 1845, Laken – February 4, 1921, Brussels) was a Belgian Symbolist painter.