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Jaar, Alfredo
Alfredo Jaar is a Chilean-born artist, architect, and filmmaker who lives in New York. He was born in 1956 in Santiago de Chile. He is mostly known as an installation artist, often incorporating photography and covering socio-political issues and war - the best known perhaps being the 6-year long The Rwanda Project about the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
Jackson, Richard

Born in Sacramento CA, 1939

Studied Art and Engineering at Sacramento State College, Sacramento CA, 1959-1961
Moved to Los Angeles CA, 1968
Lived and worked in Pasadena CA, 1969-1993
Taught Sculpture and New Forms at UCLA, Los Angeles CA, 1989-1994

Jackson, Harry
Born with the name Harry Shapiro on the South Side of Chicago, Harry Jackson became a well-known 20th-century artists whose wide-ranging work includes painting and sculpture and styles ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Realism. He was raised in a family where his mother ran a cafe near the Stockyards, and his father was a drunken, violent man
By combining intimate reflections with a deep understanding and respect for nature, Keith Jacobshagen celebrates landscape in a manner reminiscent of the early Dutch masters.
Jadallah, Ahmed A.
Ahmed Ali Jadallah
Jagoda, Len
In spite of his thirty year abandonment, his reentry to the world of art was dramatic with works that reflect his in-depth knowledge of his subjects stemming from his life’s experiences. Len’s talent earned him a scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art; however, Uncle Sam had a different “scholarship” program that preempted his art studies.
Self-taught artists Jaime Rubio and Miguel Rey are a pair of Spanish photographers co-producing their work under the name JM Fine Art Photography. They are currently working on the series “Empty Memphis” devoted to capture the beauty of empty spaces all over the city of Memphis, Tennessee (USA). For more information, visit www.jmfap.com.
JAMA, José Andrés (Matos)

JAMA (José Andrés Matos) was born on August 26,1974 in Guines, Province of Havana, Cuba.

James, Russell

Russell James (Born in Perth, Western Australia) is a fashion, celebrity and beauty photographer.

Jamison, Philip
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philip Jamison studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art. From 1961 to 1963, he was an instructor of watercolor at the Philadelphia College of Art. He was awarded membership in the National Academy of Design and the National Watercolor Society and was a contributor to American Artist magazine.

                                                              JERZY JANISZEWSKI: POLAND'S 'NATIONAL TREASURE' By Mark Levitch *

benytte anledningen til takke alle Brasil VM drakt menneskene der Jeg takker fansen spillerne Nigel Adkins var ivrig etter å trekke en linje under fo
Jarrige, Jacques

Jacques Jarrige (born 1962) is a French sculptor and designer.

In the 1980's, "En attendant les Barbares", he expanded his vocabulary in bronze, iron, wood, brass, stone to create large works of art. This often translates into lighting and tables which serve as functional sculptures or artistic furniture.

Jefferson, Jack

Jack Jefferson (1921-2000)

"For me each painting is such a unique experience that I can’t worry about its degree of similarity to the last one … Intensity interests me very much,and I hope this is a bond that will give continuity to the paintings." —Jack Jefferson,1962

Jeffries, Sarah
Sarah Jeffries' early work took as her subject matter the politically fraught area of nature verses industry and the manipulation of the environment, the highly successful resulting body of work, referred to by the artist as the barren series, evoked contemporary concerns about our lackadaisical attitude to the environment. During 2006, this direc
Jenkins, Paul

Paul Jenkins (July 12, 1923 – June 9, 2012) was an American abstract expressionist painter.

He was born in Kansas City, Missouri where he also spent his youth. He met Frank Lloyd Wright who was commissioned by the artist's great-uncle, the Rev. Burris Jenkins, to rebuild his church in Kansas City after a fire.

Jenkins, Paul
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Paul Jenkins was early associated with Abstract Expressionism and noted for his experimentation with pouring paint onto canvases and for heavily impastoed, illuminated paintings with spiritual, metaphysical qualities that set him apart from many of his peers.
Jenney, Neil
Neil Jenney: The Bad Years, 1969-70," at the Gagosian Gallery uptown, is an outstanding exhibition whose title invites a snappy retort: Both of them? Still, in those two years Mr. Jenney helped put representational painting on a new course and established precedents for the art of the 1970's, 80's and 90's
Jian, Ling
An established Chinese artist, Ling Jian paints strikingly sharp and beautiful portraits with oil and acrylic on canvas. He studied at the Central Academy for Fine Arts in Beijing, and later worked as a lecturer at the professional school of art in Boshan, China. Jian currently lives and works in both Berlin and Beijing.
Jin, Guo
Guo Jin was born in 1964 in Chengdu, China. A graduate of Szechuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1990, he participated in countless successful solo and group exhibitions in China, South East Asia, USA and Europe. His paintings of cherubic children in costume and play are easily recognizable and have become a signature for his works.
John, Chamberlain

John Angus Chamberlain (born April 16, 1927) is an American sculptor.

Johnson, Rashid

Rashid Johnson (born 1977) is an African American socio-political photographer who produces conceptual post-black art.

Johnson first received critical attention when examples of his work were included in the exhibition "Freestyle", curated by Thelma Golden at the Studio Museum in Harlem in 2001—when he was 24.

Johnson, Valencia
Hi, Welcome to my biography page of art. My name is Valencia and I am a self-taught artist. I have been doing art as a hobby since the age of 5yrs old. I've always love colors and the beauty of nature.
Johnson, Sargent Claude


Sargent Johnson's (1888-1967)was one of the first Californian African-American artists to achieve a national reputation.

Johnson, Seward
John Seward Johnson II (born 1930) also known as J. Seward Johnson, Jr. and Seward Johnson is an American artist known for his trompe l'oeil painted bronze statues, and a grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I (co-founder of Johnson & Johnson).
johnston, johnny
BLUfengr, brings to life all things unique in a way few artists ever do by offering extreme versatility and diverse variations in each of his works.
Jones, Rod
I spent 25 years of my life being a commercial photographer, always considering that at some point I would shift my energies back to my original desire to create art with paint. While photographing François Gilot and her husband Jonas Salk, François rekindled the muse and refocused my creative photographic outlet back to brush and canvas.
Jones, Jerry
Jerry Jones was raised in the rural community of Rawls Springs, MS. The artist spent his childhood exploring the beauty of nature in nearby creeks and woodlands and still finds inspiration in the form and color of everyday scenes. The word “express” means to “press out” as in pressing the petal of a flower to “press out” the fragrance”.
Jones, Fay
Fay Jones is one of the Northwest's most recognizable artists. Her imaginative paintings can be seen around the city in public and private collections and in numerous public spaces (e.g., the Westlake Metro Station).
Born in Sweden, her grandparents were famous circus artists and her father is Adelaide based sculptor, Ted Jönsson. Marie emigrated to Australia with her family in 1972, and embarked on a highly successful career 'diversion' as an international model.
Joseph, Jasmin
asmin Joseph's parents were very poor and he was never able to attend school. As a young man he worked in a brick factory. In 1948 Jason Seley, an American sculptor teaching at the Centre d'Art brought some work to the brick factory to be fired. When Jasmin saw the sculptures he was inspired to try some of his own.
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Joslin, Russell
There are few contemporary American photographers as prolific in the genre of self-portraiture as Russell Joslin. His haunting, honest self-portraits effectively balance artistry and self-confession, thus creating a sense of intimacy for the viewer with his inner hopes, dreams and fears while being part of his veiled, cinematic otherworld.
Julie, Dostie
As a self-taught artist standing outside the mainstream of the art world, Julie Dostie's style of painting is an expression of her restless energy and constant travels. Throughout her travels she has been inspired to capture the beauty and presence of the moment.
Julien, Isaac

Isaac Julien (born 1960, London, England) is an installation artist and filmmaker.

Julien graduated from St Martin's School of Art in 1985, where he studied painting and fine art film. He founded Sankofa Film and Video Collective, and was a founder member of Normal Films in 1999.

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Juvonen, Helmi
Helmi Juvonen (often referred to as “The Pearl of the North”) is an enigmatic figure in Northwest art history. She was born in Montana but raised in Seattle, and become fascinated with Northwest Indian art and ritual. During the war, she consulted on camouflage design with the Navy.