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G.J.Mckenzie, German

German began his art career in the 80s’ in his native Colombia. He received a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Bogota, “Jorge Tadeo Lozano”. He later honed his talents through studies with Master of oil painting Zhu Wei Ming, in Beijing, China. German moved to Canada and settle in Regina in 1989.

Gabanyi, Aexandra
She was born in Budapest, Hungary and received her art education there. Gabanyi came to the U.S. in 1976. She lived in Portland Oregon doing fashion illustrations later teaching fine art at the Seattle Art Institute. She moved to New York City in the 1990s, painting children's portraits and exhibiting in private clubs.
Gabay, Esperanza
The following is from Nancy Thurston of Williford, Arkansas, a senior citizen doing a research project in order to write a biography on American artist, Esperanza Gabay. Gabay studied under Kenyon Cox and Walter Shirlaw, studied at the Art Students League of New York, worked at Cragsmoor Art Colony. She won several prizes from 1917 to 1926.
Gable, Amos
Amos was born on February 2, 1840 and died January 7, 1913. He started out working full-time as a barber and used portrait painting only as a supplemental income until he could afford to pursue it as his sole career. A great deal of Amos’ subjects were actually post-mortem, as he was hired by loved ones to immortalize them with the brush.
Gabo, Naum

Naum Gabo KBE, born Naum Neemia Pevsner (5 August 1890 – 23 August 1977) was a prominent Russian sculptor in the Constructivism movement and a pioneer of Kinetic Art.

Gabriel, Jacques
Jacques Gabriel (1934–1988) was a Haitian painter. A Port-au-Prince native, Gabriel studied at The New School for Social Research in New York City and received a scholarship to study in Paris, France. His works have been exhibited in the United States, Italy, Jamaica, and at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.
Den franska internationella förlorade 5-1 på sitt första besök i Parc des Princes som en Lens-spelare, men på bara 22 är han blomstrande i den spanska huvudstaden och blir snabbt en av Europas bästa centerbacks.
Gabrielli, Guido
Born in Italy on Oct. 26, 1893. Gabrielli immigrated to San Francisco in 1920 and was active there until the onset of the Depression. He then settled on a farm in Dixon, CA where he remained until his suicide on Jan. 16, 1970.
Gabrini, Pietro
Pietro Gabrini was an Italian artist working in variety of mediums on diverse subject matters. Perhaps he acquired his range of practices from his teacher, Guglielmo de Sanctis. De Sanctis was an Italian painter, writer, and teacher from whom Gabrini learned the historical and cultural significance of the Italian arts.
Gach, George
Born in Hungary, George Gach, the son of sculptor Stephen Gach (1880-1962), was noted for sculpture, impressionist painting and teaching. His subjects included animals, people, florals, nudes, cowboys, sports and scenes of Long Island, Bermuda, Mexico, Florida and upstate New York.
Gaddis, John
Born on November 20, 1928, John Gaddis received a degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and worked as a civil engineer. In 1972, he gave up his career to devote himself full-time to his art.
Gag, Anton
From New Ulm, Minnesota and born and raised in Walk, Bohemia, a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which is now in the Czech Republic, Anton Gag seemed to fit the stereotype of the Bohemian artist--always poor, pursuing a talent that did not bring in much money, allowing his children much freedom, and non-conforming in his personal behavior wi
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Gagliano, Michelle
Painter Michelle Gagliano was raised in upstate New York and now lives in Texas. She captures the landscape of both places in her "neo-naturalist" paintings. Gagliano is a graduate of North Texas State University and studied with Vernon Fisher.
Gagliardi, Tommaso
Born in Rome, Italy in 1820. Gagliardi sailed to the U.S. in 1855 and worked for three years at the Capitol in Washington, DC. While in San Francisco in the 1870s, his statuary and portrait busts were in demand. He later founded a school of sculpture in the Royal Academy in Tokyo and traveled to India where he did several busts.
Gagnon, Ralph
An abstract painter, he was born May 20, 1919 and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire.
My work is about preservation, whether it be natural resources or ancient artifacts. The art has a certain ambiguity to it, the viewer relates to the image and places it in his mind to a specific location.
Gagon, Sandy
It is obvious that Sandy Freckleton Gagon is passionate about motherhood, family and harmony. Using an impeccable technique, this artist creates highly detailed still lifes which often include a small reproduction of a famous museum painting in the background.
Gaildrau, Jules
Born in Paris, France on Sept. 18, 1816. Gaildrau came to California in the Gold Rush about 1852. His illustrations of mining activities appeared in Voyages en Californie published in Paris in 1854. He died there in January 1898.
Gaillard, Jason
A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Jason Gaillard later studied with Sigmund Abeles and Jack Beal. He has been widely exhibited in New York and California and has completed mural commissions on his own and with the noted trompe l'oeil muralist Richard Haas. His studio has been in New York City.

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Gaitonde, Vasudeo

Vasudeo S. Gaitonde (1924–2001) was regarded as India's foremost abstract artist. He received Padma Shri Award in 1971.

Vasudev S. Gaitonde was regarded as one of the most finest and cloistered abstract painter of India.

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Gall, Ted
Theodore T. Gall began his career in the arts in the mid-sixties as an animator for teaching films and continued to broaden his skills as a graphic designer. Gall has worked in metal since his early days as an artist. Although his work has not been limited to the human form, it has been his primary focus throughout his career.
Gallatin, Albert Eugene

A. E. Gallatin (1881-1952) was an American artist and collector bprn in Villanova, Pennsylvania, to a patrician family of Swiss descent, Albert Eugene Gallatin was heir to a large banking fortune. His ties to NYU, to art, and to France extended back several generations. 

Gallina, Claudio

Claudio Gallina, born in Argentina in 1964, studied art at Escuela de Bellas Artes Prilidianos Pueyrredón. Early in his career he worked as a scenic artist and designer for theater and television.

GALVAN José - ASPE (Province of ALICANTE - Spain) July 30, 1910 - BENIDORM (Spain) August 25, 2001. To the 19 years age, it went to live with ALCOY (Spain) and works in an industrial school where it draws copies. There, its Professors notice his work and direct it in the section "drawing according to nature".
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