Billy Bob Beamer's artwork usually occupies an area the physical size of a post-it note or two. The artwork unusually exists on a few planes...viewed from arm's length as an interesting image....viewed up close, like you might lean into a painting on a wall....and viewed under a glass for magnification, the unfolding begins. From arm's length, it's easy to imagine seeing motion or flashes of color, especially after a studied look. Leaning in, awareness begins of life just under the visual surface, a movement of line that somehow hasn't stopped when Beamer lifted his pencil. Under magnification, the image explodes like glass in a box shaken, the image expanding first in your field of vision and then in your mind to somehow envelop you. Beamer has sent an amazing amount of his art here...I hope one day to photograph it properly and display it on the site in a manner appropriate. The work is extremely difficult to photograph properly. These works are staggeringly forceful when in your hand.


Titre Collector Artwork
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