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Unmade bed
Unmade Bed Well, what can anyone say.? I think most people have had times of unmade beds in their lives, or even a lovely time of fucking , sleeping, living in bed, or just being a slob and not making the bed until lice begin to inhabit the layers of sheets and blankets, the thin film of body hairs and skin cells- and then at last dawn breaks one day and one raises out of the disaster and decides to live again. Its no big deal . Just ask any mother of a teenager about unmade beds. But we should be asking why anyone is impressed with a strangers unmade bed. The dreams or pleasures that were events for the occupant of the unmade bed remained within their mind and can not be transferred to others, and since the bed was only the stage for the inner experience of the sleeper no one can even guess at what went on- rumpled covers disclose nothing but rumples. Or sex . . . well sex is not very interesting unless you are involved directly yourself- its a first-person , hands on activity. Second hand sex is just bodies in motion at a distance, unless you are one of those sad humans who can only watch . . but I don't know anyone like that. So I would say that anyone who wants to spend a million dollars on an unmade bed should instead buy themselves a beautifully hand crafted bed and some fine sheets of your favorite color, be they flannel or silk, put the bed in a room you love to be in and invite your lover(s) and well loved pets to visit you there, order out for some fine food and wine, or your choice, maybe its pizza and coke, and live in your bed . Experience the pleasures of your own unmade bed- and when you get up one dawn and feel the call of the world, walk out, close the door and hold this sacred place secret in your heart.
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