Text-Less Front Book Cover Designs: How a Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

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Text-Less Front Book Cover Designs: How a Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
A majority of the book front covers you can remember will likely have text on them and not putting a body of text on your book cover, according to common sense, would be foolish and because of this, the book would not sell well. However, examples of cover designs, such as Killing the Buddha by Peter Manseau and How to Speak at Public Events show otherwise. Both these books proved popular despite the fact their covers didn’t feature any text at all. Here’s how a text-less front cover design for your book can help:
Gets the Audience Curious Provided the picture used portrays a powerful and striking message, the cover without any text stirs the curiosity of a viewer as he/she wishes to know more about the book. With only a picture and no text, a certain level of mystery develops around the book, making it even more attention worthy in the eyes of your target audience.
Convinces People to Open the Book and Read Grabbing a person’s attention is one thing but getting him/her to open the book and actually read it is another. Looking at the picture, your target readers might be able to understand the message but still would be unable to keep themselves from opening the book and finding out if the assumption was correct or not in order for inner satisfaction. Moreover, a text-less cover makes the book an enigma, yet also manages to convey some subtle information about the book. A person cannot help but open the book to learn what it is about.
Says More…. With Less! With text, you can only add so much to the message you are trying to convey. This is not the case with a picture, as by allowing a viewer to only focus on the image on the front cover by removing the text, more can be conveyed to the viewer than otherwise possible. The picture can also tell the viewer what the theme is about without them needing to strain their eyes, which is the case when the text on the cover is out of sync with the cover image.
Your Book Stands Out in the Crowd Last, but not the least, just imagine 10 books on a rack at a bookstore and yours is the only one without text on the cover. To the casual browser, who has not yet made up his/her mind about which book to purchase, this will appear intriguing and he/she will give your book more preference over the others, just because it stands out in the crowd.
As you can see, having a text-less book cover design can increase your book’s chances of success. To virtually guarantee success, hire an experienced professional book cover designer to do the job for you. Source: http://damonza.com
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