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Peter Max Commissioned Art
I work for a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic for animals in Ohio and Michigan. We’ve been given an amazing opportunity! Peter Max has offered to donate the commission of any paintings by those who we send to him. Commissioned paintings start at $15,000 and the paintings increase in size as the commission increases. We’re hoping to connect with individuals who might be interested in commissioning a Peter Max painting in order for Humane Ohio to match an endowment fund donation. If anyone who loved the work of Peter Max, or knows someone who does, is interested in this opportunity, please contact me at For anyone who decides to commission a painting, we will connect them with Peter Max’s representatives directly and the piece will be decided upon by the commissioner. This is your chance to get a one of a kind painting that will only grow in worth. Not only does the commissioner get a painting, but Peter Max will generously donate the commission to Humane Ohio for us to aid animals in perpetuity. I would love to speak further with anyone interested in this opportunity or anyone who might have information on who could commission one of these paintings. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated! We’re a small animal welfare organization trying to secure future funding, and any help from the arts community in achieving this through commissions of Peter Max paintings would be greatly appreciated! Kristy Kissoff Development and Marketing Director Humane Ohio 3131 Tremainsville Rd. Toledo, OH 43613 419-266-5607
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