MIllion Dollar Vase

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MIllion Dollar Vase
Million dollars ? Today's news. Man smashes "million dollar vase". You all know the story, no need to retell it here. Regardless of one's feelings or political views one should not destroy art , there are other ways to protest that don't put you in jail. That said, I am sympathetic with the anger of the "local" artist, but perhaps not for the same reasons. Seeing Ai Weiwei's vases on the web makes me wonder WHY, why, these really ugly vases that may or may not be hand thrown, that are painted with garish colors that are either paint or very low fire glazes- (I tend to think its paint) thus the bright colors, that are all so similar to be boring . . . Why are they worth a MILLION dollars? I wouldn't spend five bucks on one at a yard sale. (and need I say I could make a more beautiful vase) I reject the idea of the "market" putting value on anything. Things are made of materials, art is a matter of workmanship, skill, vision. How can a handful of clay and a few ounces of paint by a living artist who can easily make a new vase in an hour or so ( not counting drying time and firing), be worth a million dollars.? I don't expect an answer because I don't think there is a real answer to this. I shout The Emperor Has No Clothes !! Market fools, open your minds , breathe reality.
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