First-ever Tattoo art auction

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First-ever Tattoo art auction
No longer relegated to the human body as a canvas, examples of original Tattoo art can be found in a number of the world’s leading museums. Tattoos today are less about social outcasts and instead serve as stunning representations of visual design. Now, the largest collection of original Tattoo art—from the studios of the world’s most prominent tattoo artists—will be sold by NYC-based Guernsey’s, in the first-ever auction of its kind. The Peter Mui Collection of Original Tattoo Art will be sold on November 13/14 in Manhattan’s stylish Meatpacking District. The late Mr. Mui was a highly-regarded fashion designer, actor, and musician. His Collection, which will be sold in more than 1,000 unreserved lots, is believed to be the largest collection of original Tattoo Art created by the world’s most accomplished Tattoo artists. For over 15 years Mui traveled the globe seeking out acknowledged Tattoo masters. His Collection consists of original works on art board, canvas, and paper by noteworthy artists such as Japan's Horiyoshi III, Horitomo, and Horitoyo; Swiss artist Filip Leu; American Traditional Tattoo icon Bob Roberts; Spain's Tattoo Realist Robert Hernandez; Biomechanical Tattoo pioneers Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain; and Tribal Tattoo artists Leo Zulueta and Roger Ingerton. The majority of the art in the Mui Collection exists as full (often vivid) color, torso-sized original paintings consisting of extraordinary images and designs. Smaller images known as “Flash Art" will also be included in the sale. Other than this unique auction, examples of original Tattoo Art can be found in museums in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, London, and Tokyo. The use of Tattoos to adorn the human body pre-dates recorded history. It has been practiced for centuries in different cultures around the world, as reflected in some of the pieces in Mui’s Collection. However, it is in the last several decades that the art of Tattooing has gained true international recognition and popularity. With this proliferation of Tattoo Art, it is no surprise that the Tattoo artists in Mui’s Collection have risen to exalted positions, generating large groups of admirers. Peter Mui’s sudden and premature passing in 2009 left his family with his massive, archivally-maintained, totally unique Collection. Inasmuch as Mui was a participant at Guernsey's events, it was only natural that the family contact that auction house. Glimpses of the dynamic Tattoo Art from the Mui Collection can be found at Both the previews (Nov. 11/12) and auction sessions (Nov. 13/14) will be taking place at 22 Little West 12th Street. Importantly, absentee bidders from around the world can participate in this unreserved sale online at and For media inquiries or to request an interview, please contact Raquel Hochroth at 212.255.6395 or Maggie Beaudouin at 212.255.8455. ABOUT GUERNSEY'S In its fortieth year, Guernsey's has built a reputation as the auction house known for representing the most extraordinary properties. From the largest auction in history (the ocean liner S.S. United States) to vintage racing cars on to artwork from the Soviet Union, pre-Castro Cuban cigars, and the $3 million-dollar baseball, the firm has few rivals when it comes to the presentation of wildly diverse artwork and artifacts. The John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Jerry Garcia, John Coltrane, Dick Clark, Mickey Mantle, and the Beatles events were all conducted by Guernsey's. Guernsey’s is particularly proud of its work with the Library of Congress in the preservation of the complete Rosa Parks Archive. Recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Guernsey’s is currently preparing for far-ranging events extending from rare and exceptional guitars to a vast collection tracing America’s military history.
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