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Expand your collection here--
http://fineartmultiple.com/ fineartmultiple™ is the premier online resource for discovering, collecting and learning about artists' editions and multiples. We love multiples! Our team fosters and contextualizes the conversation surrounding serially produced works of art, whilst providing access to our global network of leading dealers, galleries, producers and publishers. Our curated platform merges marketplace and magazine, providing a space for collectors to buy and sell their works amongst fresh and diverse content that is produced in collaboration with influential collectors, curators, critics and enthusiasts. Members can browse the online editorial pages or subscribe to receive artist highlight, market news, event spotlights, interviews and collector's tips. We represent only the most renowned artists and producers of editions and multiples worldwide: legendary figures, market leaders and new practitioners who strongly advocate for a new way of thinking and a more democratic approach to the production and distribution of art. Together, we firmly establish multiples and editions in the digital era. http://fineartmultiple.com/
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