Artists Interpret AK 47 Rifle

Some of the best known names in British Contemporary Art, including Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Jeremy Deller, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Gavin Turk, Stuart Semple, Sarah Lucas and Sam Taylor-Wood  are uniting for Peace One Day, to react against the horror of violence globally, with ‘AKA Peace’.

The famous artists will reinterpret an AK-47 assault rifle -- the world's most recognizable killing machine.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social network are now pre-viewing these conceptual art pieces.

Bran Symondson, winner of the 2011 Amnesty International Media Award, is a dynamic photographer who conceived the idea of AKA Peace following his experience as a soldier in Afghanistan.

“Having experienced action whilst serving in Afghanistan, and seeing how Afghan police adorned their AK47’s with roses and stickers, I wanted to turn the most iconic weapon in the world from one of fear and unrest to one of beauty and intrigue."

The project, which coincides with Peace Day on Friday 21 September 2012, aims to raise funds for Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2013 campaign whilst increasing awareness of Peace Day itself.

The exhibition will take place 26 – 30 September 2012 at the ICA, London, to be directly followed by an auction of the exhibited works by Phillips de Pury & Company on Thursday 4th October 2012.

Peace One Day ambassador and award-winning actor, Jude Law said, “It’s wonderful that so many important contemporary artists have come together to support Peace One Day. It’s exciting to me that art, music and film play such an important role in helping Peace One Day to raise awareness of Peace Day; AKA Peace is a unique and fascinating project.”

The photo above, created by Symondson, is entitled ‘Commodities’.

Each bullet is filled with a significant com- modity of what makes the AK47 one of the world’s most notorious weapons. Earth (representing land), oil, opium poppy seeds (from Afghanistan ) gold, diamonds, cocaine, blood, coffee, dove feather & olive leaf (Peace) and religious symbols.

The five burnt dollar bills on the bayonet represent the five friends the artist lost in Afghanistan.

Simon de Pury, Chairman of Phillips de Pury & Company, said, “We are proud to be lending our support for Peace One Day. We fully share the concern of the highly talented and very generous group of artists that are participating in ‘AKA Peace’.”

Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day said, “AKA Peace is a really profound project; turning a weapon of destruction into a weapon of peace is awesome. The benefits of awareness and finance to help Global Truce 2013 is a great outcome. I’m grateful to Bran for having a wonderful idea and it’s an honor to have Jake Chapman curate the project.”

Peace Day 2012 will be marked by the Peace One Day Concert, at Wembley Arena in London. Headlining the concert will be Elton John, alongside James Morrison and 2Cellos.

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