Top Artists Unfurl Playboy Centerfolds

Tracey Emin and Cindy Sherman both Royal Academicians are among seven artists chosen to create an original work of art for Playboy Magazine.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social network are familiar with the frequent "low-brow" compositions of these important Young British Artists.

Playboy hasn't strayed much from its tried and tested format of flesh and literature since its founding in 1953 by Hugh Heffner. Marilyn Monroe appeared on the first cover, long before she became a Warhol icon and Jayne Mansfield popped out of her top to show an adolescent readership, what lurked inside her unmentionables.

Now Playboy's latest distraction from soft porn and into legitimacy spotlights, 'The Playmate as Fine Art'. This is a feature that will appear in the January/February 2013 issues, of the adult Magazine.

Cindy Sherman, Tracy Emin, Richard Prince, Will Cotton, Ryan McGuinness, Jill Magid, and Wes Lang also contribute to explore a mix of the expected provocative material highlighting the subject of consent into the context of the so-called “pornographic” genre of publication.

The magazine hopes to identify the female body as a work of art, in its images, raising questions of the ethics of human behavior and the hidden sexual politics of contemporary society. In other words this is a great excuse to watch others, get their kit off!

Cindy Sherman is no stranger to investigating her own sexuality through the exploration of top shelf magazines.

Her 1981 series “Centrefold” depicts clothed self portraits with looks of distress or defeat mimicking erotica. The US photographer and film director has contributed two 1992 explicit photographs to the Playboy project.

The painter and photographer Richard Prince has offered a pop inspired photograph, Untitled Girlfriend 2012. “It’s different to generate my own photographs. I don’t do it often, but when I do I try to think that what I’m taking already exists,” he said.

Surrealist sweetie, landscape painter, Will Cotton (work shown above) takes inspiration from the board game 'Candyland' .

Pop artist Mel Ramos, has contributed 'Cotton Candy Queen ', a rather traditional Playboy centrefold. “The model for this painting is Miss Ruby Valentine, a burlesque dancer from New York. She’s oozes her sexuality on a cotton candy cloud, wearing a crown of boiled sweets.

Tracey Emin has submitted Lonely Chair Drawing V. The work recalls an incident from her teen years. YBA, Emin, represented Britain at the 52nd Venice Biennale and was made a member of the Royal Academy. She currently teaches drawing at the Royal Academy of Art.

She is Famous for her video installation, "Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995 (1995)", also known as "The Tent".

The work was a tent with the appliquéd names of, literally, everyone she had ever slept with, but not necessarily in the sexual sense. It achieved iconic status, was owned by Charles Saatchi, and was destroyed in the 2004 Momart London warehouse fire. She has refused to recreate it {see today's Featured Video}.