STIK Draws on New York

Three years ago, he was a homeless street artist risking life and liberty to paint his iconic stickmen across London’s east end. Today he has become one of the art world's hottest properties.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network are clamoring for his works.

Now, London based artist STIK has taken New York by storm. He has completed the final touches on his "Liberty" tribute mural this week.

A gift to NYC from Dorian Grey Gallery and STIK, this 60 foot mural was inspired by the history and spirit of Tompkins Square Park and will become a symbol of the artistic legacy of East Village.

He is visiting this weekend and invites you to stop by the gallery for a chat, and discuss how street art continues to change the world.

Stik's work is mainly found around the east end, yet Stik is rapidly gaining international renown for his distinctive stick-men characters as his works start appearing all over London and globally.

The Dorian Grey Gallery has become one of the East Village's hottest art attraction for new, street and emerging art. The gallery is a dynamic venue geared towards showcasing both established and undiscovered artists.

With a keen eye focused on "street art" and the New York emerging art scene the Dorian Grey Gallery continues to be the premier exhibition space and “voice” for the numerous local undiscovered and rising artistic talents. Most exhibitions feature art where street and graffiti themed works are displayed alongside other pieces that represent a diverse selection of exemplary art offered in an intimate and informative environment.

Recently, the Dorian Grey Gallery received some real street art credibility in the form of an unexpected visit by the artist Kenny Scharf, who spontaneously painted a mural on the gallery’s roll down gate.

Scharf whose prolific work graced many walls in the city during the graffiti heyday of the 1980s, once lived across the street from the gallery’s current location. Dorian Grey Gallery is a joint venture between veteran art dealers Christopher Pusey & Luis Accorsi.