Manhattan Gets New Banksy Mural Every Day

Banksy has departed the U.K. for the time being, and set his sights on some Big Apple facades.

The street artists has returned to his roots by producing 31 new works, titled "Better Out Than In" -- one for each day in the month in October -- in New York.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network will be scouring the nooks and crannies of Manhattan to find these amazing works.

The Bristol born graffiti artist has told The Village Voice newspaper, "I started painting on the street because it was the only venue that would give me a show. Now I have to keep painting on the street to prove to myself it wasn't a cynical plan," he said.

"Commercial success is a mark of failure for a graffiti artist. We're not supposed to be embraced in that way."

In an unprecedented interview with the Manhattan publication, which took place via email, to protect his identity, he explained that he regretted much of his commercial success which has led his career to achieve telephone number figures for his work at auction.

"Obviously people need to get paid - otherwise you'd only get vandalism made by part-timers and trust-fund kids," declared the former public schoolboy, "But it's complicated, it feels like as soon as you profit from an image you've put on the street, it magically transforms that piece into advertising. When graffiti isn't criminal, it loses most of its innocence."

His latest piece 'Crazy Horse', shown above, is located in the Lower East Side. It was completed yesterday.

"It doesn't take much to be a successful artist - all you need to do is dedicate your entire life to it." the artist lamented.