Lower East Side Heats Up Frieze

The Lower East Side has become the exciting new gallery area in New York with a concentration of over 60 galleries presenting new and innovative art.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social media network consider this neighborhood a necessary pit-stop for serious collectors of contemporary art. We will be there this week for Frieze Art Fair.

The area itself maintains the old world charm of its roots as a place where early immigrants settled. The scale of the buildings and streets are small and intimate. Likewise, the galleries have a cozy and welcoming appeal.

Trendy boutiques and eateries have sprung up overnight to pepper the gallery scene with easy options for refreshments and enjoyment.

While the cultural milieu spans only a 10 block square it can be overwhelming to edit exactly where to start and where to visit.

Listed below are the recommended picks of this month’s Lower East Side exhibitions. The line-up begins on the southern tip of Orchard Street and weaves forward uptown, ending on the Bowery:

Invisible Exports 14 A Orchard St http://www.invisible-exports.com
"SCOTT TRELEAVEN | All-Nite Cinema" This exhibition features large-scale, multi-panel, mixed-media drawings, including a triptych that is the artist’s largest work to date

Joe Sheftel 24A Orchard St http://www.joesheftelgallery.com
"Paint Hotel " Group show with work from 1980's- 2013

Stephan Stoyanov - 29 Orchard St http://www.stephanstoyanov.com
"GREG GOLDBERG: NORTHERN LIGHT" the emphasis on light comes out of Venetian masters with modernist brushwork that feels suppressed in some areas and exuberant in others.

Untitled 30 Orchard St http://nyuntitled.com
"Brendan Fowler Shipper In Jail / Ads For New Album / Six Sets"

DCKT 21 Orchard St, http://dcktcontemporary.com
"Ryan Humphrey Criminal minded" Found Objects in and about NYC that make it a monument to money and greed

Miguel Abreu 36 Orchard St http://www.miguelabreugallery.com/Exhibitions.htm
"Drunken walks. cliche.corrosion fatigue, ebay" Group show
drawing on techniques of reproduction, such as stamping, molding, etching, and photography,

Blackston gallery- 29C LUDLOW STREET http://blackstongallery.com
"Hanneline Røgeberg" four large-scale oil paintings that resist clear assignation to abstraction or representation
then back to Orchard

Rachel Uffner 47 Orchard St http://www.racheluffnergallery.com
"Bob Zoell / Wyatt Kahn" two person exhibition, abstraction that pushes past its canonical origins,

Muriel Guepin gallery, 83 Orchard St http://www.murielguepingallery.com/gallery
GABRIEL BARCIA-COLOMBO "Animalia Chordata" mixed media video sculpture

On Stellar Rays 133 Orchard Street http://onstellarrays.com
MARIA PETSCHNIG Petschnigs’ video

Louis B. James 143b Orchard Street http://www.louisbjames.com
"Jeremy Couillard My Time in the Cult of Melting Ancestors" Video and installation centered on Video game realities

Go to Forsyth Street:

Callicoon 124 Forsyth Street http://www.callicoonfinearts.com/index.php?/root/exhibitions
"Sadie Benning, War Credits " handmade paintings and the wall reliefs with Video

Toomer Labzada 100A Forsyth http://www.toomerlabzda.com
"howard hurst: is this (still) real life? " An offline message board confessional with bold face one-liners that infuse physical reality with the sensibility of its bastard cousin, the internet.

Go Up Bowery- to New Museum, Salon 94, and The Hole 312 Bowery:

"XSTRACTION" a large group show 39 artists ranging from the legendary to the brand new, approaches to abstraction

American Contemporary 4 east 2nd street (right off bowery)
Sarah Braman / Wallace Whitney "Contact High"2 person show of paintings that enter into a spiritual or emotional landscape viewed through and around Sarah Braman sculpture made of cardboard, colored acrylic glass, found furniture, car parts and simple fabricated cubes. the combination offers the opportunity to experience color, atmosphere, volume and perhaps one’s body in a new way.