Facebook Your Flight Mates

Amsterdam, NL - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has taken blind-dating to new heights by launching an initiative that will allow customers to pick their seat-mates on Facebook. The busy collector of Art Kabinett network may wish to confirm ahead of time on their next flight to to the Maastricht fair. The pilot program is being praised for those people who are sick of being stuck next to crying babies or the passenger from hell - or for those simply looking for mile-high love. The airline announced its plans to start a "meet and seat" service early next year that will link travelers' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their check-in information. Is this matchmaking via your seat choice in-flight, or more like mile-high stalking? The initiative will allow travelers to check out their fellow passengers and select them based on similar interests, or by how attractive they find them. Many people turned to Twitter to say whether they thought it was a good idea or a recipe for disaster. Stumac01 tweeted that it was the perfect solution to "how to go 'Mile High' with the hottest girl on the flight", adding "the power will be in your hands". But not everyone was convinced, with some people describing it as "creepy". KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are the first to link check-ins with social media "I cannot think of anything worse than this. Matchmaking via your seat choice in-flight, more like mile-high stalking," laurastott1 posted on her Twitter. While cklenotic commented: "That could be a LONG flight if it doesn't work out." KLM said the service will be available to all passengers checking in online, but that flyers can choose whether or not to make their social media profiles publicly available. Malaysia Airlines is also releasing a service on Facebook that lets passengers see which of their friends are boarding the same flight or visiting the destination.