Exhibition Wows With Weiwei and Warhol

MELBOURNE -- A major international exhibition exploring the influence of Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei - two artistic innovators "known for their keen observation and documentation of contemporary society and everyday life". will be held at the National Gallery of Victoria in December, moving to Pittsburgh in June 2016.

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The dissident Chinese artist has sited Warhol as a significant influence on his work -- most evidently in a photographic self-portrait (taken in New York in 1987) in which Ai Weiwei poses in front of Warhol's multiple self-portrait, adopting the same gesture.

"Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei", which features more than 300 works including sculpture, painting and photography, has been developed by the Australian gallery in conjunction with the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh.

The show will explore the significant influence of these two exemplary artists on modern and contemporary life, focussing on the parallels, intersections and points of difference between the two artists’ practices. .

Ai Weiwei commented, “I believe this is a very interesting and important exhibition and an honour for me to have the opportunity to be exhibited alongside Andy Warhol. This is a great privilege for me as an artist.”

Ai Weiwei lived in the United States from 1981 until 1993, where he experienced the works of Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, among others.

Close Artistic Relationship

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again) was the first book that Ai Weiwei purchased in New York, and was a significant influence upon his conceptual approach.

Ai Weiwei’s relationship to Warhol is explicitly apparent in a photographic self-portrait (taken in New York in 1987) in which Ai Weiwei poses in front of Warhol’s multiple self-portrait, adopting the same gesture.

Each artist is also recognized for his unique approach to notions of artistic value and studio production. Warhol’s Factory was legendary for its bringing together of artists and poets, film-makers and musicians, bohemians and intellectuals, drag queens, superstars and socialites, and for the serial-production of silkscreen paintings, films, television, music and publishing.

The studio of Ai Weiwei is renowned for its interdisciplinary approach, post-industrial modes of production, engagement with teams of assistants and collaborators, and strategic use of communications technology and social media.

Both artists have been equally critical in redefining the role of ‘the artist’ -- as impresario, cultural producer, activist, and brand -- and both are known for their keen observation and documentation of contemporary society and everyday life.

Dual Retrospective

Andy Warhol (born Pittsburgh 1928 – died New York 1987) was a leading protagonist in the development of Pop Art, and his influence extended beyond the world of fine art to music, film, television, celebrity and popular culture. Warhol created some of the most defining iconography of the late twentieth century, through his exploration of consumer society, fame and celebrity, media, advertising, politics and capital.

The NGV will present over 200 of Warhol’s most celebrated works including portraits, paintings and silkscreens such as Campbell’s Soup, Mao, Elvis, ThreeMarilyns, Flowers, Electric Chairs, Skulls and Myths series; early drawings and commercial illustrations from the 1950s; sculpture and installation, including Brillo Boxes 1964, Heinz Tomato Ketchup Boxes 1964, and Silver Clouds1968; films such as Empire 1964, Blow job 1964, and Screen Tests 1965, among others from Warhol’s extensive filmography; music and publishing; a selection of previously unseen work.

Ai Weiwei (born Beijing 1957) is an artist and social activist who is among the most renowned contemporary artists practicing today. One of China’s most provocative artists, his work encompasses diverse fields including visual art, architecture, publishing and curatorial practice, cultural criticism, social media and activism.

For the NGV exhibition, a suite of major commissions will be premiered, including a new installation from the Forever bicycles series and a new monumental work from his chandelier series, among others. These will be presented alongside key works by Ai Weiwei from his early drawings in the 1970s, ready-mades of the 1980s, and painting, sculpture and photography of the 1990s and 2000s.

New and recent installations, including new configurations of major works such as S.A.C.R.E.D. 2013 and Trace 2014, will sit alongside a wide range of photography, film and social media from over the past four decades. It will be the most comprehensive representation of the artist’s work in Australia to date.

The exhibition opens in Melbourne in December 2015, and in Pittsburgh in June 2016.

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