Damien Hirst De-Certifies Spots

London -- Science Ltd, Damien Hirst's company and authentication board, are demanding the return of a 'Spot' mural that once hung on the wall of well known British art patrons, Sir John and Lady Ritblat.

In the meantime, the Hirst company has de-authenticated the work.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network know the perils of possessing a work which is de-authenticated.

The work of art, titled Bombay Mix, was commissioned in 1988 and is one of the earliest examples of his Spot series of paintings. The painting was executed directly on wallpaper in a Fulham House in London owned at the time by Jamie Ritblat, a property developer.

The four-bedroom house was sold along with the mural which remained on the wall. The property changed hands again, in 2005, for £471,000.

In 2007, Bombay Mix was removed from the wall, and mounted on a sheet of aluminum. The new owners now want to sell the artwork. However Science Ltd is refusing to issue a certificate of authentication.

Science Ltd insists that Mr Ritblat was given a replacement painting on canvas and that, in exchange, the original should have been painted over.

The original mural is now in the hands of art dealer, Andrew Lamberty, who is helping with the sale.. Mr Lamberty was also recently responsible for removing a Stik painting from roller blinds in London's East end.

If a certificate of authenticity is not issued, the wall painting is unsaleable. In an email sent from Science Ltd in 2012, an employee of Hirst’s company wrote: “The owner of this artwork at the time your client purchased the property, I understand, was James Ritblat. However, the owner of the certificate is now Science Ltd (Damien’s company), and therefore your client has no right of ownership of the artwork."

A spokesman for Mr Hirst said: “The ownership of a wall painting in the series titled 'Wall Spots’ always resides with the owner of the 'Wall Spots’ signed certificate which accompanies the art work". The certificate presently resides with Science Ltd.