Chinese Churn Out Balloon Dog Replica

Hebei, China -- Now anyone can buy a Jeff Koons 'style' balloon dog in stainless steel, polished to perfection.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network have the opportunity to display balloon dogs all over the place, and own the same work held by hedge-fund hotshots.

A Chinese company, Vincent Landscape and Architecture Sculpture is selling huge balloon dog sculptures online at a fraction of the cost of the originals.

The e-commerce portal is currently showing off the spec of their Jeff Koons range in a catalogue. These are highly polished exact copies, and there are eight options based on material (stainless steel or resin).

They come in four color options and measure from 19.7 inches high-by 19.7 inches long-by 7.88 inches wide up to 78 inches high-by-78 inches long-by-31.4 inches wide. The large ones weigh 500 Kg, and are equivalent to the one pictured here with the artist.

The larger size sculptures are $6,900 for stainless steel, but just $2,925 for resin.

Ripping Off a Rip-Off

Rip off designs and intellectual property infringements like Balloon Dog raise more questions than answers.

It appears that there is a change in the tides as more artists are actively seeking to purchase the rights to use the work of other artists.

This is a particularly sore issue for Jeff Koons who has been at the center of a multitude of cases surrounding his use of unlicensed material. The legal battles for Koons began a decade ago, costing the artist a great deal in legal fees and out of court settlements for his ability to use the work of others.

What is most interesting is that Koons’ legal team now states that the artist is actively seeking to obtain licensed work following the five plus court cases that have surrounded his work.

Let's not forget, it was Koons who tried unsuccessfully to sue a Canadian company for making balloon dog bookends.

He lost that case after the judge decided that you couldn't copyright balloon dogs, as they had been around for many years prior to the Koons sculptures.

Order your Balloon Dog now and it will be ready in 20 days, shipped in a “strong wooden carton with waterproof and shockproof foam inside.”

Here is the link for your online balloon dog order: