Brits Bathe Brainwash Buliding

A five meter high mural of the Beatles by the French born American artist Mr Brainwash, which was the centerpiece of his first London exhibition, has been painted over by the owners of the former Royal Mail Sorting Office, on the corner of Museum Street.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social network were first introduced to this building's giant graffiti art and the artist, just before the summer Olympic Games {see AK Files 31 July 2012}.

The monumental painting of the Fab Four, wearing bandanas over their faces, had become a landmark in the area after the artwork appeared in June this year.

Mr Brainwash, whose real name is Thierry Guetta, is the protégé of British street artist Banksy.

He was featured in the Banksy film 'Exit Through The Gift-shop' which was Oscar nominated in 2010.

Guetta took over the five-story building last July in order to exhibit his work, which included a King Kong sculpture made from old tires and several depictions of the Queen.

The space was also filled with paintings, sculpture, performance and installation works.

Some was acceptably well executed, some God awful and some with the conceptual sensibility of a twelve year old.

The summer exhibition was a cliché: Kate Moss and Madonna, a couple of actors dressed as Star Wars' Darth Vader' and the tag "May the Art Be With You" sprayed on the wall.

These props were worthy of an ad agency: eye-candy with empty content. Critics do not consider his work to be that of a serious contemporary artist in 2012. What they do see below the surface is the cash cow generation and the blatant commerciality. Maybe this is the whole point of Brainwash.

The exhibition opening was sponsored by Coca Cola Burn and also featured the top international DJ, Grammy award-winning David Guetta, no relation.