Banksy 'Buff' Spotted at Miami Fair

Miami -- Approximately two months after Banksy's mural 'Art Buff' appeared in Folkestone, Kent -- and was subsequently augmented by phallic graffiti which resulted in its removal -- the work has been spotted here to be sold during this week's art fair.

Art collectors of Art Kabinett social media network have noticed the Banksy piece at an art fair preview.

The chiseled-out mural depicts a woman staring at an empty plinth while wearing headphones with her hands clasped behind her back.

The act of vandalism occurred when an unknown attacker spray-painted on a penis to the plinth of the artwork. The offending work was covered with plastic for restoration.

Initially MP for Folkestone, Damian Collins, appealed for the stenciled mural to be kept in Folkestone, Kent, noting that many tourists rushed to see the new work by Banksy.

A local district council, recognizing the value of the work, issued a statement saying that it would work with the owner of the building to ensure the work remained undamaged.

In a recent statement, the District Council, said it was disappointed to hear that 'Art Buff' had been removed from the arcade wall at the weekend by the owners “who are no longer able to maintain it”.

Mr Collins, also appealed to the Godden family, who own the arcade, to save the Banksy piece for Folkestone.

The MP said:

"I was very disturbed to hear that the Banksy artwork on the wall of Palace Amusements in Folkestone was removed at the request of the Godden family who own the building. It's being sold because the Goddens are heartily fed up with keeping it safe.

"And they've decided they want rid of it, being magnanimous, they don't really care about what the people of Folkestone think," he told Academy FM.

He added: "Rochelle Godden's husband, Jimmy Godden, died of cancer a few years ago and she's going to put any funds from it to her cancer trust."

The artwork was then expected to be auctioned off by the Bankrobber Gallery in London as a picture of the mural was displayed on the homepage of its website.

But now, the restored piece has been flown to the U.S. to become part of a Banksy show at Context Art Fair Miami, a satellite fair of Art Basel Miami.

The work was put up for sale by the building owners, the Godden family, who were no longer prepared to carry the burden of protecting the work, art dealer Robin Barton confirmed.

Mr Barton said the piece may fetch up to $750,000 in the Miami sale.

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