Banksy Balloon to Fly This Afternoon

The Sincura Group, who were responsible for the removal and export of Banksy's 'Slave Labour', have uncovered an iconic mural near Liverpool Street station, and may remove it today.

Art collectors of ArtKabinett social media network --along with street artists -- insist that these art works remain in situ.

Long thought destroyed 'Girl with the Red Balloon', was originally created in a few select London locations, including the stairwell of the South Bank, Blackfriars bridge and on Great Eastern Street, close to Liverpool Street station.

The mural was covered over by by an advertising billboard but is valued at over £300,000 once restored. This is despite Pest Control, Banksy's authentication board disowning themselves from street work that has been removed from their site-specific locations.

The Sincura Group, started work last week and is due to remove the mural this afternoon. Sincura styles itself as a comprehensive concierge service for wealthy VIP's.

They have come armed with specialist equipment imported from the U.S. to help in the £40,000 removal project, which will see the art cut out of the wall, stabilized and attached to a supporting slab of concrete.

The restored mural will be unveiled April 2014 at the Sincura Group's 2014 Banksy event.

The iconic mural will be part of a collection of seven Banksy street artworks on display.

The new show, titled STEALING BANKSY? questions the sale of street art and who actually morally owns these works of art. Banksy has never made a penny from the sale of these murals.

Whether the artist's resale rights have any jurisdiction over the sale of reclaimed street art remains untested.