Artists Back New Mac

Apple has finally launched its latest Macbook which is set to take the art world by storm. Savvy art collectors of ArtKabinett network will recognize this photo of artist David Hockney creating on his Mac.
With every new launch for Apple comes a great deal of new features, some of them useful and some of them simply a way to promote a new better, greater, faster product.
Although this new update is long over due for Apple following the death of Steve Jobs, what do the new features offer for artists?
The first thing artists and lesser consumers will notice about the new line of Macbooks is the ‘retina display’ feature that Apple is pushing as the selling point for this launch.
But, what is ‘retina display’ and why should artists be interested in this feature of the new Apple product?
First of all artists the world over who are considering buying the one of the new Macbooks should know that ‘retina display’ is a term trademarked by Apple.
A ‘retina display’ product such as the new Macbook has pixel density so high that the eye will not be able to distinguish between pixels at a normal viewing distance, thus avoiding pixelation at all costs.
For photographers this is a great tool, and generally a great tool for anyone who is utterly exhausted from zooming into images only to realize the resolution of the screen cannot be adjusted further and living in the world of pixelation becomes the norm.
New Macbooks will run faster and load more quickly. For artists, time is often of the essence. Whether it is editing photos, quickly downloading images, or files, there never seems to be enough time.
The new Macbook is running the latest quad-core Intel Core i7 processors to make the machine run smoother, but for any artist it is all about the flash storage space. The flash storage space on the new Macbooks allows for the computer to store information in a similar fashion to a digital camera’s memory card.
It is quick, erasable and provides users with a great deal more storage essentially. In fact options for storage on the new Macbook can reach 768GB, giving artists the ability to maintain a great deal more work on this useful new update to the Mac family.
This new Macbook is light and compact, as the 15-inch model weighs in at measly 4.46 pounds which makes it easier to travel to photo shoot assignments.
The new Macbook is not more of the same for Apple. The ‘retina display’ development is important in itself and will lend a helping hand to photographers and graphic designers.